It Takes Two to Tango, Dear

5 Feb

Just when I thought I’d never log in to this crap of mine, well 4 years later, here I am again. Tracked into my old posts all the way back to the year of 20-immature-student/teenager-life I guess? Can’t even bother to scroll to my very first because it’s kinda embarrassing really. I mean, from what I can recall, this is just a place for my random thoughts and piles of rumblings since I noticed most of em were written during my saddest and loneliest time, or the times when I’m furiously angry or even incredibly happy. Tbh, I don’t even remember who or what exactly the posts were intended for, but it seems that I’ve kept a lil too much secret of others that sometimes even I myself can’t take it. This is not self-brag but I think I’ve always been a good listener to some of us, no? Tho I’m not inclusive among the oh-so many millennials believing in horoscopes, I just think it’s actually one of the quality traits you can find in a fellow virgoan (lol perasan). Truthfully, I don’t even remember how to write anymore, literally and figuratively. Well, aren’t we all?

To safeguard one (or more) person’s identity, I’d say this is all just fictional. In all honesty, this is just me making assumptions and blurting out my filthy thoughts of certain scenarios I’ve never encountered before.

For a start, I do believe each and every one of us has core beliefs that we try to adhere to on an everyday basis. Well let’s just call it – principles. It should never be broken to avoid hypocrisy and by all means, it can’t be applied to suit a particular situation or context. But don’t you think it’s already too late now? Flexibility has blatantly won over your principles, I guess.

It’s true what they say when it’s easy to judge the mistakes of others, and difficult to recognize our own. Or maybe someone real close to us. I’m not saying what you do is wrong, but it is, wrong. We know most of the things are wrong before we even do it and yet we do it because of our desires, wants, needs, raging hormones perhaps? Just when I thought I’m turning 3 series soon and maybe some of us are too old for this shez, there goes the bomb on me. But it’s okay, who am I to judge anyway. And of course, I too, have my principles of which one of it is to not judge someone who sins differently than others and that there are constant reminders for me to hold up to it. Personally girl (or boy), you can’t count on happy endings because you already have your happy endings. Putting aside your shit-ton of chemistry and your unknowingly mutual attractions (which are undeniably adorable), I don’t like to interfere with awkwardness so I hope both of you please end this noxious infatuation, but remain the closest, will ya? 🙂

*there goes my train ride*




17 Oct

Where were you?

You’re always here. But not tonight, not tomorrow.

Come home. Please.


Egotistical, Big-headed, Garbage dirtballs, Whoever you may be

8 Jan

Be humble enough to obey.

A simple yet deep quote I’ve encountered years ago, printed on my band t-shirt. All of us have the capital E on our foreheads but why is it so hard for you to lower yours? Sometimes life knocks us outta nowhere letting we know how big He is. Or that’s more of a reminder to us.

Because we always forget.


The J Issue

2 Jan

Jealousy is a disease. It kills. You can either show it on your face or probably act out on your deceitful behaviour. Despite the obviousness, not everyone can simply interpret those gestures. And not all who can interpret those gestures can control their feelings and emotions knowing the truth.

This kind of attitude is assumed to have deleterious effects not just on one side of the party, but both. Eventually, this will lead to hatred which is hardly unavoidable.

It’s already 2014. From now onwards, let us all just be sincere. I hope.


Thank You 2013

31 Dec

The declining rate of my posts this year is just saddening. Nothing much could be done as I have only a few hours left to New Year. Even if I started writing 1 post per 30mins starting now, it would still be insufficient to cover the days I’ve left this page on idle. Or perhaps, dead?

The year-end review of my life has been on a constant trend I’d say. Well I guess the end of the year is the only time where I get the chance to let the krèp outta my head for the whole 360 days. And like the most of time, I’ll just come up with some positive wordings on ‘life goes on’ yada yada and how I survived quite a sucky year despite the good things that happened – on annual basis. Well I’m about to say those things again now. Above all, I thank Allah for everything.

This year, Japan happened. And Baby A arrives safely in the warmth hand of her mummy. And my best friends got married. Countless blessings from Him and again, Alhamdulillah syukur from the bottom of my heart.

Let us all be complacent about our achievements this year and strive for the better in the years to come. Happy 2014 yalls!



30 Dec

The art of accepting needs a lot of patience and sometimes, courage. Because we all have flaws. When was the last time you accept people wholeheartedly? Or when was the last time you’ve been accepted?

Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you. They’re just trying to be themselves or maybe covering up their alter egos or whatever. Or maybe they’re just afraid to show their true personality. Give me a chance. Give them a chance. Let’s try.


Royal Rumbles

19 Apr

Backlogs and pending projects on the table have been lying somewhere on other people’s desk (i.e. le boss) for checking. Meeting has been postponed, projects to be tabled are due, and my individual kpi is kinda starburst, but without the star. But hey I finally have some time to keep this page alive from its coma state although these insignificant rumblings of nonsensical things have got to stop.