Of Biceps & Beautiful Creatures

2 Dec

Yes New Moon is in the fever now. Everybody’s been drooling about Jacob’s shirtless scenes with his packs in NM. And suddenly now everyone switches team. Go TEAM JACOB! Haha. Somehow I think his voice was kinda sissy in that movie, don’t you think so too? And I think Edward looks thinner than when he was in Twilight. Was he supposed to be thin (since he had to be away from Bella and all that) for that movie or he’s simply a skinnier person now? Which is which, I bet his acting still gives the orgasmic pleasure to all of us. LOL. Go TEAM EDWARD! Anyway, nothing beats the book and yea I know we can’t cramp the whole idea of a book into a two-hours play right? So obviously it’s not the same if you’re highly expecting what you have read to be extracted in one movie. Well at least I didn’t feel annoyed at Bella as much as when im reading NM. God I feel like killing her since the VW Rabbit topic started to take part in the conversation. But in the movie, she’s not that annoying maybe because we don’t know what was she been thinking in her mind. Hehe. So in all, I switched team too. GO TEAM VOLTURI!! Bahahaa. I’m just kidding. Anat at first thought the Volturi scene was kind of a joke on mocking vampire movies when she watched it on the David Letterman show! And I think Aro, Caius and Marco look quite scary compared to the Cullens. But Caius (the blonde one) looks quite GOOD too right? 😛 And yea the Laurent dude, I think he’s Will.I.Am’s brother or sometthing!! Hahaa I’m way too much beyond crapping and I think I’m going to watch another round of biceps and beautiful creatures in like 3 hours time? Yeayy! I went with my Seremban cousin the other day, now I have to teman my KJ cousin since she hasn’t watch it yet. So, creepy Volturi, see you!



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