Dilema Keselamatan

26 Jan

Have you ever been so confused that you don’t even know what to decide? I’m in a big dilemma which involves my beloved famille and my dearest friends (or which i always call them as sisters). We’ve been planning for our batch gath since like, a month? Or two? And I was so excited about it! Coz I think I haven’t seen some of my friends for so long! Well, basically, Pikek’s incharge of this thing and everyone, especially Lok and also Moh did some surveys on places to stay and all that. And the others were asked to give confirmations about them joining in or not, so that it’s easier for her to make headcounts and it will also be easy for the budget-planning. And so, a date was chosen. Just a week before, my oh-so-close-and-many cousins and I were gathered at Abang’s house during weekends. It’s been a weekly routines for all of us to go there for the past two weeks, since the new-baby Daim was born. Kak Dee came up with this idea of doing a BBQ for her birthday, and also to celebrate Abg Shoul’s advanced birthday party since his birthday is on the February 7th. This was planned a week ago and should be done last week. But since Mama and Abang decided to postpone it this week due to some technical problems (eleh Abg x cukup budget konon hihihi), then there it goes. It falls on the same date with my gath. How can you imagine, your closest relatives are having the best family time ever with the cute new-born niece without you. Kak Dya mocked me and she said if I’m not going to be there, baby Daim will never know her Aunty Aishahrox :S Yea I know she’s kidding, but I want to be there. I really do. But on the other hand, I’m not just gonna escape from our gath coz I miss the sisters badly! This gathering could not be happening again in like…a few years to come! I simply know it. Well, things change and suddenly everyone gets busy with their own lives. Of course that’s just a thought but somehow it’s true. It’s hard to gather even some of us at the same time these days. Will you be wanting to miss the picnics, camwhoring at the beach, the pajamas partayy and the girl talks? This is the best time to catch up with everyone and your best friends are all there! (Not all actually, some of them couldn’t make it and some of them isn’t in Malaysia -___-). So I need to make decisions. But I don’t know what to choose. I don’t even know where to start choosing! I’ve made up some few options for myself.

Option 1
Just go to PD, with Pikek and Heq from Seremban.

Option 2
Cancel joining gath, just attend the family BBQ. Afterall, family first right?

Option 3
No need to go to PD with Pikek on that Saturday afternoon. Just stay for the BBQ and later, ask my dad or cousin to send me to PD. (Is it worth it, no I mean..you guys still have activities on Sunday kan?)

Option 4
Follow Pikek on Saturday afternoon, convoy with all of you BUT later that night, ask my cousin to fetch me for BBQ. Means, I’m not staying in PD for the night.

Eventually, I’ll just follow my heart. But right now, I don’t friggin know. Oh, please help me!


The miserable one. xx




2 Responses to “Dilema Keselamatan”

  1. fatinfar January 29, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    pudds.. ko gi je pg tu..mlm ask ur cousin to fecth u.. ade je yg x tdo sane..

  2. aishahrox January 29, 2010 at 5:21 pm #

    Okay, temoh pun suggest kan mcm tu! x sabar nak claim citer apex from kau hehehe

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