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Word Has Power

27 Feb

But first, I’m gonna have to believe in myself.

I don’t know what has gotten into me. I’m always very optimistic about my life and now it’s different.

Wish me luck. I need it. Period!



22 Feb

There comes a time when every life goes off course. In this desperate moment you must choose your direction. Will you fight to stay on the path while others tell you who you are? Or will you label yourself? Will you be honored by your choice? Or will you embrace your new path? Each morning you choose to move forward or to simply give up.

I can’t give up. I have a BIG responsibility to my family. And that one thing, is always gonna be a motivation for me.

Look for Allah’s guidance and insyaAllah everything will be fine. Amin. xx

Way Better Than INDIE BAND!

19 Feb

I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar with all the lime lights of pride and celebration at the end of my every song performed. But that’s just a dream 😀 Anyways, I miss playing Rock Band Tour with my dearest cousins since our head of the group is busy playing house because he (Abang) just had his first baby three weeks ago.  Hehe. Here goes the vocalist, the lead guitarist, the bassist and the drummer. We’re all kinda ‘all rounder’ so everyone can play everything and apparently, all of us can singgggg!! ROFLMAO!! 🙂


One of the favourites 🙂



Tag team – Abg Amar!



Some of the cool bunch.



The COOLEST one!! 😀 😀



The Whole Jinbeng!! Asem is our part-time vocalist since she’s always away on tour!!

(padahal kat boarding school hahaha)



Cheers ❤

TKC, Home Of The Greats.

17 Feb

High-performance schools: TKC humbled by honour


SEREMBAN: Standing tall in the forefront of the high-perfomance schools in Malaysia with a track record of producing many successful personalities like Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman, Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC) is humbled by the honour. Its headmistress Che Kamaliah Endud said although it is an immense honour to be among the creme-de-la creme, they accept this success with humility. “No doubt it is a great honour and we choose to use this to excel even further. “I am just thankful that the students at TKC had always made the school proud by excelling in academic and co-curriculum activities every year.” Che Kamaliah said the school would continue to keep up its high standards. “Besides brainstorming sessions, being proactive, consistent in their work and having a good relationship among one another, we also teach our children to think positive in life,” she said She added that TKC will be coming up with strategies and programmes to give the students a boost.

“All our students must at least have one International certificate for their co-curriculum activities and all students maintain a balance in excelling in academic and co-curriculum areas.

“I also believe that co-curriculum activities are opportunities for the students to show their talent.”

Another high-perfomance school, Sekolah Dato’ Abdul Razak (SDAR), creates a warm environment by treating their students and staff as family

The school’s principal, Zakaria Md Zin, said: “I call it a ‘broad-front strategy’ where students learn to balance each areas, like academic and co-curricular, equally.

“To be named as one of the best performance schools has motivated me and all the school’s staff members and our students to work hard in order to sustain the school performance.”

Source :


16 Feb

I went to my aunt’s birthday dinner at Kensington yesterday and suddenly i realized how attractive that place had become with the love balloons all over on the outside, and tanglongs inside. Wow, great combination I thought. And that was a nice touch btw. After a few minutes there, while sipping my brain-freezing ice blended peach tea, it came to my mind that ‘OMG Today’s Vals Day!’. Now that explains all the heart-shaped balloons at the entrance and all of sudden the Indian couple with a bouquet of roses made sense. V-Day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day which held on February 14th every year to celebrate and embrace the love and affection between two people who are deeply in love. Usually, at this particular day, lovers send and receive romantic gifts, flowers and cards, have candle light dinners and all that jazz. Just to refresh some memories, I went to Suria KLCC with my best friend last year on V-Day and we saw so many acts and we’ve been observing the couples the whole time. Some of them were so cute, and I still remember this one girl she’s so small (I think she’s smaller than me) and her boyfriend gave her a bouquet of flowers and some hydrogenated Vals balloons. And her boyfriend is v v v tall and huge like some gigantic basketball player whom you saw on tv! But they look cute together though, and I think the way that tall guy treated his gf, he seems like a nice guy to me. Then we saw this one pair of couple with the gf was hugging a HUGE teddy and she was carrying it around Suria like nobody’s business. Hehe we can barely see her face because the bear is as the same size as her. Aaaanyways, I hope these people are still together this year. What’s with the materials if you yourself can’t manage of your own relationship. It’s not like we have a perpetual motion squad to keep our love life on track, right? Somehow for me, V-Day is unnecessary and I think I received an e-mail saying that this event is not supposed to be celebrated by Muslims because it’s somehow related to Christianity martyrdom, ergo we shouldn’t be enjoying the moment and also the fall of Islam at this very day. And yet again, speaking of Valentines, this month they’re showing a movie called Valentine’s Day (2010) which stars a whole bunch of amazing actors and actresses and I can’t wait to see it!! Unfortunately, this movie is unavailable in TGV Jusco S2 and that makes Seremban even more LAME! Womagawd. But they have this movie in MBO and actually, I don’t like the cinema and I will only go there when I’m really really desperate! 😛 So to all lovebirds out there, I hope you guys had fun on your romantic outing.

P/s: If you love someone so much, why do you have to have a special day to show your love? Shouldn’t it be like.. everyday is a special day? Haha. We all know that love is blind. And i remember coming across this saying, if love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? LOL

HVD! ❤

Falling For YOU

12 Feb


Have you ever been in love? Love is a temporary madness that makes you live in your own world. The moment we indulge ourselves with affections towards something (slash someone), everything seemed to vanish! Poof! As for me, once I’m attached, I will be beyond addicted to it. It’s like the impression people give – ‘I can’t live, or even breathe, without it’. But just to point things out, we lived the normal way just before this ‘thing’ came and nothing happens right? Eventually, we all live. So at the moment, I’m kinda having a relationship with a peanut butter-flavored candy, which covered by candy shells. It looks slightly similar like Smarties but inside those shells, are peanut butters instead of le chocolat! Yummy. I know Reese’s pieces was known since the 80s but I have never liked it before. I prefer chocolates than anything else such as strawberry or coffee or peanut butter!! But things change. And I can’t remember how and why. All I know, when I go to the supermarket to buy my stocks of food to bring it back to college, I’ll never missed Reese’s pieces in my trolley. But I don’t like Reese’s cup though. I think it’s too sweet. But afterall, all candies are sweet aren’t they? It’s all about sugars and carbs, I know. But I still eat it and LOVE it anyways. So it came to my mind, for the past few years my favourite chocolate has never been the same.

At first, I was affectionate towards the basic Cadbury Black Forest. My favourite was the cookie than the jelly bean. The pink bean kinda stucked to my teeth everytime I eat it! But I still love it though.

And then, The Hershey Company changes everything. I turned away from my first love and ran to Hershey’s Nuggets. But I’m the choosy type and I think not all of it taste as good. The only nugget that gives me the spiritual pleasure is the Almond Toffee. Yeah, it’s difficult to find coz most of the chocolate shop only sell the fundamental nuggets such as Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Almonds and sometimes, Double Chocolate. How pathetic can they be? So here’s to the fabulous nugget I’ve ever tasted 😀

And then came along Twix. It was abah’s favourite chocolate bar since he was still studying in the UK. He said, he can’t never resist Twix from the first time he ate it, until now. I went to 7 Eleven with him one day and he bought it, and since that I started dating Mr Twix. It’s kinda tasted like Mars bars but its with biscuits. Actually, Twix is under the Mars Inc and yeah, that explains everything, didn’t it? So basically Twix consists of a biscuit finger topped with caramel and coated with yummy milk chocolate. and you can never say no. EVER.



Right after that was the Snickers getaway. It’s somehow like a failed domino effects. When you started to let the first piece of the deck fall, it stopped right in the middle. And there’s no turning back. What am i trying to say is that I ate Milky Way bars, and then it falls to Mars bars, and even to Bounty bars after that and finally it stopped at Snickers bars. The failed dominos stopped at Snickers (for peanut only, not almond) and until now, I still eat it whenever I’m hungry and got nothing else to eat. As the saying goes, HUNGRY? GRAB A SNICKERS.


I kinda forgot about Kinder Bueno White while writing on this post. So I have to bug in this one as it the best, well at least it tastes a whole lot better than the original one 🙂 Kinder Bueno White was known only in 2008 and the new-born Ferrero is filled with a creamy delicious hazelnut and covered with white chocolate and they have cocoa pebbles as the borders. The original usual chocolate does not have a cocoa pebbles covering it! Weehuu therefore the white one is the best. LOVE IT!

It’s not always about the US/UK. The legendary triangular Swiss chocolate, kick butt! In case you haven’t eat the triangular choc with honey and almond nougat, it is called Toblerone. Actually, it’s the nougat that keeps me going. To tell you truth, I once eat it with this one kind of a weird way. I eat it, triangles by triangles, but I kept the nougat in my mouth until it all sticks together and got big. You know what I mean? Hahaha you’ve got to try it!! It’s luxurious pleasure to eat those nougats in a big round of a crooked ball than just to swallow it bits by bits in a particular triangle. Try it homies! 😀

I think I have a thing for Hershey’s choc, somehow I feel that the taste isn’t as creamy/yummy but a bit bitter. But in a good way. I love the bitterness of it. And it might come to a coclusion that I like candy shell-like candy. But as for this one, I think I like it because of the beautiful colour of Hershey’s Kissables! Haha laugh at it but it’s very colourful makes you wanna eat it the whole time. Plus the small mini size of it makes it even more convenient. And it doesn’t melt in your hand 🙂

So in all, I never met a chocolate I didn’t like. This is not going to be a stereotype towards the XX genes. Eg : ‘girls always love chocolates’. I’m telling you not all of em have good taste buds like me 😀 Hehe. So everyone, let us all eat chocs as much as we can without realizing those lipids are building under those skins! But anyway, I didn’t care much about it. Until I recently found out that I can’t fit to my favourite jeans. Hahaha but I still can’t control myself when it comes to this kind of stuff. Well you know, my hormones are the master of my eating habits. Ngee. So yeah, to me, sweet things that rots your teeth are often the father of pleasure. Hail Reese’s Pieces!


4 Feb


I love this song. Cheers!