I’ll Be There For You

24 Mar

Wow for the past few weeks I’ve kinda abandoned this page for a while and yea nothing changes. It had been a hectic week (well it always has) and yeah, it’s only a short period of time to finals and what not. Time flies quickly and we barely realize it. I’m not happy to leave my friends here and of course I’m not unhappy to leave my academic life too (without knowing what’s gonna happen to me in the future). Know what I’m saying? It’s just that I’m not grateful for my studying life now, doesn’t mean that I will love my career life later. When I am there somewhere sometimes sooner, I might be thinking ‘Wow I missed studying back in uni/college’ and how much I really want that life back. That’s exactly what I mean. And as for now, I am so thankful to Allah the most gracious most merciful for the beautiful life surrounded by the people I love around me. I thank to you for my big big happy family and the good in health and wealth to us. Alhamdulillah is the word and I shall never stop saying it as I live. As long as I’m here, I truly believe that all my friends are the ones who will be with me through hard times and good times. Soul friends are vital to us and they are always there for us. It’s hard to be best friends with everyone but you will find them someday, then when you meet them and you just CLICK, that’s when you know that these people are going to stay with you no matter what!

To be true, I still had a few contacts and keep in touch with my primary (Puteri) mates and yea, I thank to FB most of it. I still befriends with them and yea Sheera is and always going to be one of my very close friend until forever! We were separated when she had to go to SSP and I got chucked in TKC but hell yeah our house is like less than 1km away! 😛 And even though we didn’t hang out that much these days, we still keep tracks on each other and of course when there’s kenduri at our neighbour’s house, we talk like there’s no kenduri there! Well I miss my other friends too, but everyone has their own life now. And Afiqah, who gave me hamsters. And Alicia whom we had a massive sleepover and campfire at her house when Dato Mary Lim (her mom) is still working with the previous Negeri MB. And Eri, the other neighbour who I just bumped in at Starbucks for God’s sake. And of course Kumie, I haven’t seen her for the longest time but she’s doing pretty well in Australia from my observation and stalking skills on FB. And Farah. And Ruby, and Yee Quan and Nicole. Well, there’s a lot more but of course I don’t need to mention it right. Hehe. Well I MISS THEM. It’s been different to have such pretty cool yet understanding non-muslim friends during primary school. And it changed when I went to TKC for all of the students are Muslim 🙂

My high school life and friends are too complicated fun!! It is impossible to write everything in this post as the memories are flooding in here (points to mind and a whole bunch of picture albums!). Well these people are my sisters. And if I could turn back time, I will go exactly back in 2003 because I really love that time so much. Exam year is fun. You kinda have a long term calming atmosphere without calamity and yea we were so full of batch spirit which we didn’t know where we got it. Why do I even think? Of course from all of you my darling surv. The whole 5 years was a memorable moment for me and I made that right decision. I can never imagine ourselves in the future holding our hands together still and go to MGC/TKC OGA annual dinner and still attend and support the Orchestra team, PPM and everything that matters. We will always be a dedicated Old Girl to keep our flag flying up high no matter what right.

My pre-U year was short but yes quality always wins. During that one year, I learned that guys can be a good friend to you too when your friendship is sincere. Well, there will always be jerks but I’ve had 11 years of all-girls school and with my matrix classmates, it was never a challenge for me to cope with the new atmosphere. We’ve been really good together and until now, we still organized at least a reunion and rent a chalet for a few nights just to catch up on everybody’s life and what not and I’m really grateful that most of them could make it most of the times. Not only them, my room mates  were the awesome bunch too and Azie is still here with me in UKM! The other two, Seha and Iqa are also very near to us and yet we still haven’t figure it out why aren’t we going out with each other? Maybe we are all too busy kot hehe. All I could say is that it seems that friends come all the time. When they go, they left you with a hole in the heart, even a tiny one. We tend to forget and it will fade but eventually, the universe will bring you back together. God’s will. My uni life is one helluva bomb when I’m all alone during the first few days there. The only person I know in my class was my room mate. Now that everything has changed and I befriended with these sakai (what I meant to say is cool) people which I heart them a lot. And I feel very thankful for this friendship. It was late but it was also fate 😀 . I pray to Allah everyday so that my friends and I will have a successful life in the future and may our bond will always remain close and even closer day by day. Without blessings from the Almighty, our hard works and prayers were not going to work. This goes to everything not only friendship k. The only thing pleasant during these past 2 years was our madness moment together and I shall never forget you guys and that hand-made card you guys did for me. Everything can be hilarious when I’m with them. Until today, I can still remember the first FP assignment we did together at Nix’s room and insyaAllah I’ll not forget that. If anything ever happen to us, I hope we stick, stay and be there for each other. That’s all for what I’m asking for. And of course, I will let the three of you and my other friends as well, know when I have a boyfriend. (Or IF i ever have one).  Hehe.

So in all, I’m babbling about my friends because I just miss them. After seeing the demise of a friendship, I somehow believe that when you’re sincere and don’t just think about the benefits (FWB), you will end up growing your grey hair together. We don’t feel happy about it but we don’t know what’s really happening unless we’re in their shoes. So yeah, no comment is just the thing we oughtta say. And fyi, I am not looking for the ‘mean-time’ friends out there, I just need some real friends to support me and be the one who knows all about me and still likes me. So yeah to all my friends out there, the moment we got to know each other, no matter how short or long the conversation was, you guys will always be my friend. Take care wherever you are!



3 Responses to “I’ll Be There For You”

  1. Hafiz Tarni March 26, 2010 at 2:25 am #

    Hey. You should write more bout matrix. Hahahaha

  2. hrhfiza March 28, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    my favourite year was 2003 too 🙂 Although seriously, sometimes it’s kind of hard to remember the five years I spent there. I miss you 😥

  3. aishahrox March 28, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    Hafiz : I wrote about it once in my previous blog 😛

    Peach : I MISS YOU TOOOOO!! Semalam I watched ED. I miss US!

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