Of Picnic & Kuala Pilah

29 Mar

Sorry guys I’m unavailable for last Sunday’s picnic due to kenduri-kendara in Kuala Pilah. It’s a family occasion so I can’t say no since my dad insisted we all go for the wedding. And good news to anyone who’s a dinophobia, there’s a new road to KP without going through the Bukit Putus 😛 . Actually the wedding wasn’t that bad after all and it was really fun to see all those makciks were working together with their neighbours and the whole people in that area were amazing. My aunt was so happy to see all of us came to her daughter’s wedding that day. My cousin (the one who gets married), our grandmother’s are sisters – that’s how we are related. My dad and her sisters (my aunts) came as wakil from Wan & Arwah Atok’s family since Wan is not strong enough anymore to walk around like she used to. The atmosphere was a total different from a typical wedding you always see in bandar-bandar and far way beyond hotel weddings. Of course when you attend a wedding ceremony in a 5 stars hotel or a Convention Center or even any hall, it may be very grand as you can hoped for. With the wedding planners and speeches from this and that VIPs and slide show presentations and what nots, everything is well-managed and settled. But in kampung, they didn’t have these kind of packages where everything can be done when you have cash. Ka-ching!

Their main idea is to develop togetherness and help each other through out the whole events. Of course my dad and my aunts know orang-orang kampung there and of course they too know that my family is from anak2 slash ‘keturunan’ Wan and Atok. Hehe they cooked the food by themselves, they had 1 cow and 2 kambings ‘sponsored’ by the villagers for the kenduri. The food was mad delicious. Biasalah, masakan org kampung mestilah kaw! All I can say is that the meriah-ness they had in kampung was waaaayyy too far from the normal wedding in the city. Where in the city, we kinda have too much competition among each others. That’s all that matters. Friggin materials! And that’s very unhealthy.

The bride and groom wore turquoise and I think both of them look just great in their outfits. My cousin wore the blue modern kebaya with a slightly batik touch and for the record, she’s the second child yet the first one to get married in the family, yeah..she skipped Kak Long. I can’t imagine if my little sister..you know.. in the same situation like this! Bahahaha shit it’s totally gut-wrenching! And yea let’s get back to the point, all in all everything seemed awesome. And the collaboration between them were simply overwhelming. It’s great to be back in kampung sometimes. On our way back, we were supposed to turn right and head back to Seremban but I saw my aunt’s Rexton turned left and they called us that they were going to go and drive pass by Arwah Atok’s house which is now abandoned. It looks so soundless and in complete serenity. Those vivid memories from the past came and it’s vaguely familiar as I was still small at that moment. Atok’s house was huuugeee and sometimes we kids, always feel scared sleeping there and there’s always cerita hantu regarding the house. But of course, it’s just our parents trying to takut2 kan us so that we didn’t play at the back at the house where there’s so many ayam in cages, like 6 kolam ikan and all were surrounded by hutan! We even saw a group of Pumbaas clans (babi hutan if you know what I mean) one day and since that, we listened to our parents and tak main dah kat kolam ikan Atok sampai Maghrib. The most time we spent there were during Aidilfitri. And I missed each and every moment in Senaling. And I missed my late grandfather too. He usually went to memburu and his senapang will always be hanging at the first bedroom from the main door. Almost 3 years since arwah Atok kembali ke Rahmatullah..and now in my personal point of view I think abah looks much like him!! OMG Bah you’re getting old!!! Hehehe jk dad. I don’t want you to grow old so that I can still spend each and every hours with you like I was still a little girl 😦 So guys, I’m really sorry I didn’t get to go to the picnic and missed those hawt gossips. Bet there’s always time for another picnic kan? Hehe. Xox


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