From the Heart of a Procrastinator!

3 Apr

My last lecture finished yesterday so officially, my study week has started today!! I got home very late last night and I have been informed by my mom this morning that there’s so many things to do today (and through the week).

1 ) Unpack my bags. There are like…SOOOOO many bags from UKM coz I kinda bring back everything! Like seriously!

2 ) Order cake from Eleena for Abg Jai’s engagement next Saturday.

3 ) Get my assignments done. Haven’t started Dr Munirah’s yet and as for Prof Ruhanas, a few editings should be made.

4 ) Work my lazy procrastinating butt off for my frikkin thesis!!!

5 ) Prepare for tonight’s BBQ to celebrate Daddy & Makcik’s anniversary together with K.Mish’s belated birthday celebration for the family.

6 ) Tomorrow morning I’ve to go to Mak Nim’s coz Mak’s siblings will all be there to discuss about Abg Jai’s rapid engagement next week. And as usual, Abah will be incharged of the food.

7 ) I need to go to UKM to return/borrow books since I don’t like to stay there for study week. It’s been 3 years. And still, home is where the heart is 😛

8 ) I need to buy gifts & goodies since Zille & I are chosen to take care of it for Ayna’s bridal shower.

9 ) I want to go to Ayna’s wedding on the 24th even though my exam is on Tuesday later.

10 ) And I really really want to go to Kelly Clarkson’s concert too and it smacks right on the 25th. Makes me much harder to decide since MY EXAM IS ON TUESDAY!!! Fark.

So many things to do, so little time.

And I know it’s my own fault.


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