Morning Glory

14 Apr

Slept early last night. Felt like I’m getting a fever. My whole body was aching (still is). I ate the effervescent blackcurrant, antibiotics and 2 tablets of Actifast. I put on some Salonpas behind my back and lastly, the Kool Fever on my forehead. And I slept. Wow it’s been ages since I last sleep very very early, and this morning after I performed my Subuh prayer, I felt fresh and not sleepy like I always feel! I usually go back to sleep after solat almost everyday! (It’s not good I know but I can’t help it!) Hahaha. Now I need to study for tomorrow’s paper as I didn’t read practically anything yesterday! I hope I’m strong enough to face tomorrow and dear body, please please be healthy. And you too antibody, please do whatever you’re supposed to do k.

Zaps back to reality. Sigh. xx


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