Partial Freedom

29 Apr

Found this picture on tumblr.

And I think this reminds me of my friends and I.


Done with exams.

I can’t believe 3 years time is a very short period.

And now I need to REALLY focus on my thesis.

So now I officially declare myself in a miserable state as saat genting arrives.

But in all, I’m gonna miss my friends the most.

(Not all, but you guys know who you are kan? LOL)

Love youse!



One Response to “Partial Freedom”

  1. Georjie April 29, 2010 at 5:05 am #

    Hebat tak ak reply pantas cam kilat? damn la i bajet nak hntr thesis draft later, but still not done! FML! Good luck to u babe! Hntr bla ko?

    PS: i’m really2 sad it’s gonna be over…very2 berat hati wanna tinggalkan this crappy place i’ve grown to love…yela, baru comment kat munik’s emo post yday…soon, i’ll be writing one too! 😥

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