The PINK Coach

17 May

No, not the bag or even shoes. It’s the gerabak in KTM! I feel safe from perverts, from bad odours and so much more. I’ve been in it last Sunday and I think it’s such a good idea for them to have services like this. I usually seldom go out on weekends to avoid stuffing like Sardines in KTM and now I don’t have to face the problem anymore. Some of the guys were unaware of it until the came into the coach and they were like “eh, semua perempuan la”. Haha they painted the waiting area in pink to separate between the Ladies’ Coach and the normal ones. Go women’s rights! 😀


You can read about it here for further details!



Hahaha cool kan? Dah ada this thing pun still some people cannot read. Stoop!



The ambience is quite pleasing I think! Most of them are mothers with kids, groups of girlfriends, etc etc. I like ittt! 🙂 xx



2 Responses to “The PINK Coach”

  1. Georjie May 17, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    Laaaa, pasni gerenti all the women akan naik this coach…then soon i won’t get the chance to masuk sbb slalu full…wekkk!!! Ciss, time org dh tak naik ktm…^#&*! lol…

  2. aishahrox May 23, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    hahahhaha tak full kot except on weekdays. uncle yg jaga tu kata, selalu nya hri kerja ktm mmg ramai perempuan that’s why ada ds thing 😀

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