4 Jun

Is that even a word? Oh what the hell. I clicked on my mouse each and every single hour of the day, but at this very second, I FREAK OUT. Well it can’t go long because even that wouldn’t determine possibly anything or even change prospects of what’s in there! Crucial decision has been made. And Alhamdulillah. 🙂 Praise to Allah SWT and thank to the Almighty for everything that happened. Syukur padamu Ya Allah. I’m gonna give my parents a call tomorrow. I didn’t get 4.0 but I hope they still love me as their daughter with my finale results! 🙂 And to all of you, you can only enjoy my click-o-phobia moment and I’m not telling you what happened after that. Like seriously! Haha at least for now. 😉 Live all bound for waking up this (and the next coming morning(s)) feeling well and relieved.





*click for larger picture but don’t expect anything. AT ALL! mwahahah


One Response to “Click-o-phobia”

  1. Georjie June 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    poyo ar tak ckp result ko…i totally forgot to check mine at nite coz took B out to watch Shrek 4… 😛

    This morning baru ingt results dh kuar, fakkk…thank goodness result ok…nasib baik kwn ak pon bagus, hehehee…thank you God!!!

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