M, F & G Reunited!

13 Jun

Our trip to Kuala Pilah was awesome. Only this time I wasn’t in Senaling instead I was at Fit’s house in Juasseh! Munik, Georjie and I spent a night there and trust me, the real plan wasn’t even close to something like that. We haven’t met each other since our last paper in UKM, except for G, I was with her during the chaos of thesis-submitting week. Well apparently, after quite a while without seeing each other there’s so many things to catch up on and some of them are just the unimportant stuffs but still, need to be talked by US all anyways! πŸ˜‰ Heheh. So Georjie from Bdr Tasik Selatan waited for Munik & Fit at UKM and then straight away go to Seremban as I waited for them here. Straight away after that, We went to jusco watch some violence by Freddy Krueger which I think represents a very very big sick chasm than the classic Nightmare on Elm Street. I can’t remember Krueger’s voice was like that in the movie whereas I think it’s a little bit hoarsy than the new one! So yeah whatever, the sound effects and the shocking jolt they tried to put on the audiences did work anyways. Then after that, as usual we were the same old bunch of goofy kids in a group without no plans and arguing what to do next! Hahaahah we always do that all the time until one of us bengang (anyone can be emo and it’s not always gonna be the same person, trust me) then only we have a decision. So options like bowling or even polishing our singing skills at Greenbox were brought up but since most of us are hungry, we finally decided to eat. We had steamboat at Johnny’s and talked and talked and talked. And yea we took some photos too! Thanks G for uploading it in FB. πŸ™‚ Love you guys. And around 645pm Fit’s parents were already there to pick us up, aww how kind of them to do that. We can always take the bus. It was raining the whole time of the journey and finally, seeing the Megalithic Sites along the road made myself think that ‘oh we’ve reached KP!’. The night continues with us celebrating Fit’s belated birthday and we actually bought her a delicioussssssssssss Tiramisu cake! Some acting involved but well apparently Fit knows the cake was for her. If she said she didn’t know pun, it must be her being polite! Heheh HAPPY BELATED FIT! In all, we spent our night talking to each other, catching up on work stuffs, future plannings, when are we getting ourselves another-halves, what happened to ‘other’ friends, and etc etc. We didn’t watch a single thing on television for that 24hours of the day. I’ve been a very chronic couch potato since the end of my varsity life but hell yeah I survived when my girls are with me! Woohoo. If we’re given a week, it still does not guaranteed whether we can finish our catching up session or not. Haha. So it’s true what they say that absence makes the heart grows fonder. Yeah well this only applies on certain conditions where only real friends counts! So guys, I miss you already. Thank you for the day, and I love you guys so much. Never forget our friendship for our bond can never be trade for money or even to get spending a day with BSB/Kaulitz/Kitaro! Hahaha you know who you are. So M, F and G, take of yourself and in all forms, I can only end this post with a very simple yet meaningful two words for you guys. Thank you. And love you! (Oh that makes five words!) Hehe bye! xx


Fit’s tiramisu birthday cake. With candles. Happy 22! πŸ™‚


Fitaro. I. Geoxboxx. Nixxon.

Persahabatan yang ikhlas akan sentiasa diberkati Allah SWT. InsyaAllah, Amin. πŸ™‚



3 Responses to “M, F & G Reunited!”

  1. Georjie June 13, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    Love this post!!! BSB/Kaulitz/Kitaro tbb! Hahahah i like!

    Love u too…God bless u girls w/ ntg but happiness and success!!!

    Delete the previous weih…ko nyer blog dh public kan? Bhya omg…sorry! lol…

    • aishahrox June 15, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

      Hahahahah! Tau xpe, rindu korg sgt 😦 alaa aku bye blog Ada ltak kt my info but I didn’t let ppl know pun through news feed so org smua mng takkan sedar πŸ˜€ but dh unapproved dah the prev comment to avoid other ppl misunderstood our conversations heheh. Kau stalker dia eh smpai prasan dia dh takda!!!! LMAO!! πŸ˜€

  2. Georjie June 17, 2010 at 12:45 am #

    of coz la…it’s pure entertainment! LMAO…

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