Surfers Paradise

16 Jun

My sunburnt and a few tanned lines on the body were just about to recover from the ability of the sun in making me darker during my Universal Studios Singapore vacay the other day. I haven’t been sleeping today because I’m uploading pictures on FB, updating my iPod with new songs and games so that whenever I get bored to/in Oz, there’s always a best friend to ‘touch’ at. 😉 So my flight to the down under will be at night tomorrow so I still have plenty of time to sleep but I haven’t finish the work my father asked me to do yet. But I’ll definitely do it tomorrow. My bags all equipped with what’s supposed to bring and I hope I didn’t left out any important things on my list! So, I hope I can see Pcha & Sarah there because they both are in Brisbane. My cousin in Sydney, too bad you’re just too far away! Heheh see you during Raya k! (If balik la this year :P)


2 Responses to “Surfers Paradise”

  1. hrhfiza July 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm #

    universal studios best tak? mahal tak? one day cukup tak? hehe.

    • aishahrox July 29, 2010 at 12:37 am #

      besttt! but the rides were not as much. one day mmg sgt cukup actually! it’s just that when the rides are just a few, therefore the queue is like craaazyy!! hehehe

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