Wind Orchestra 2010

9 Jul

“If music be the food of love, play on” – William Shakespeare


That’s the exact word from one of my oh-so many band tshirts during my high school years. Being 5 years in the TKC Rhythmsquad has thought me so many things in life. The approach given was vital to us and of all the important things that has been highlighted all the way is that you can never succeed when you have zero teamwork in your group. It’s all about not being selfish to the people around you and stop acting like you’re the boss. As the vice president of my the band team, I learnt that all I need is to be humble enough to obey. Because we might give orders someday. I played the trumpet and I was triumphantly cheered by my own inner-self whenever I got the chance to play the First Trumpet. Trumpetlines need loads of people as it’s the melody of the whole orchestra for the brasses team where there will be three kinds of melodious sound playing according to the level of the notes and divided to the First, Second and the Third trumpet. Of course when you’re still a junior you will only get to hold the old instruments as the new and expensive ones are the most ‘fragile’! After picking up a few tonguing skills, long notes and all the basics so that your sound is clean, then only you can play the silver YTR. At that time, the silver Yamaha trumpets were the grande achievement for the trumpetlines. As days go by, and more money spilling in for the squad, our juniors now have more new instruments and I’m happy for them. And.. erm.. a bit jealous! Hahah! While I was still in high school, the national competition was held at only SBP schools and representatives were limited. We slept in Seri Puteri, SDAR and some of the places for the competition were not even a sound proof room. So when we played, it kinda bounced back. And it’s no no no good.


But now, these kids should be grateful; even for the roundings, they still get the chance to play in RTM studio and it has been almost 5 years that the finale was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. So grand and so many VIPs. Even Najib came. (and suddely MCKK wins!). Well things change. After five years being nurtured to have strong minds from just being kids full of naivety, there’s no way to measure the gratefulness of me being in this kind of group. My final year in the band was quite a disappointment due to the changes of our instructor, our school admins and what nots. How many times have you heard of great teams losing their competitions only because they have an instrumental problem not because they lack respect for their group or even lack of practises during the free times? The day it happened, was the biggest discontentment in my life. It’s demise of a great band. It was almost impossible to ignore what people say about it because we just blew things off like a bulldozer or something. All your mounts of hopes prayers and dreams were crushed into thin ice. But things happened for a reason. Of course we’ve made some friends from other schools here and there. Share what we want to share, boast up what we want to be looked as proud of, and of course exchanging experiences and opinions from other perspectives. Thank you all I hope we keep in touch (well most of us didn’t). After the fallout, my batch played for TKC’s charity concert and we got Datin Seri Rosmah being generous and donate RM30k just for the band to buy new instruments and stuffs! And at that moment, I feel joyous and proud of my friends and myself for what we have done to the group. We might blew our chances during the finale comp in 2005, but we got something even better for the future eventhough we didn’t get the chance to play with our new toys next year. Afterall, we can always go to the band room whenever we like and play with the instruments right? Old girls rule! 😀


Until now, I will always support TKC’s band team in fact, any teams that’ll be competing whether during PPM or Orchestra Comp or anything like that. I just hope they will remember to keep their chin up & shoulders back all the time. It’s not always about winning and losing. It’s about learning and adapting what you experienced to your own dear life in your upcoming years. More important, we have passed the lessons and shown enough values for the kids who will move on to their next phase of life. We who have had the experience owe them those lessons, and hopefully their generation will later pass it on to our child. In all, congratulations to the Rhythmsquad for being the 2nd runner up during SBP Orchestra Finale’s this year. Although it’s not as good as being a winner like last year (YEAYY), well I liked Pilatus so much. I enjoyed the expressions you guys followed and never failed to obey every notes every breathings every grandioso every fortissimo and every sfz! Gah I forgot all about conducting and all that jazz. To my sister Asmah, I don’t know why the reason you choose to play trumpet just like me. I don’t know whether you like it or simply because you can’t blow any of the woodwinds eg Saxophone Clarinet Oboe Bassoon etc? I know I’m your star so I don’t care! HAHAHAHAHHH! So yes this should end it. To all my teachers and seniors and friends, your effort and kindness have no match. I hope that wherever you are, you will always be blessed by Allah. Loves.


One of the best formation songs. (not meant for orchestra)


During my time. At Seri Puteri. Old outfits. Handmade score covers.



Now. At PICC during finals. Different outfit, way better instruments, grand hall.


Heritage. Lol.


During my time, it was only a photostated booklet with different A4 coloured papers.


Be master of your habits, or they will master you.

Banders, 2005.


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