I Never Sent Them Because I Was Afraid..

23 Jul

Brooke: There are 82 letters in here, and they’re all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but I never sent them because I was afraid.
Lucas Scott: Brooke…
Brooke: I was afraid of getting my heart broken again, like before. Because you hurt me so bad, and I was afraid to be vulnerable. And I was afraid of you and the way that you make me feel. And I know that doesn’t matter now after what I did, but I just thought that you should know. This was how I spent my summer, Luke, wanting you… I’m just too scared to admitt it.
Lucas Scott: Brooke! I’m sorry! What you did with Chris… it’s okay.
Brooke: It’s not. It can’t be. It’s too much to forgive!
Lucas Scott: Well, that’s too bad because I forgive you.
Brooke: You can’t!
Lucas Scott: I just did. So you’re gonna just have to deal with it. I’m the guy for you Brooke Davis, and I know I hurt you last time we’re together, but…
Brooke: I love you.
Lucas Scott: I love you too… pretty girl.


When I was in high school, this show is my love guru and I can never be boring with all the dramas despite the gut-wrenching climax on every season and unfortunately, when CBS aired the Season 7 episodes, I only watch, like just the 3 early episodes of it. I don’t know why but the aura wasn’t there anymore. Without Lucas and Peyton not in the screenings, you expect Mouth and Milly for a substitute for the role of the greatest love ever in that show? (although I will always want Brooke to be with Lucas, and that’s the reason I choose the loving quotes from Brucas up there whereas I know in the end Lucas is going to be with Peyton)! So yeah. I like One Tree Hill a lot. And I just hoped it ends with a really really good ending just the way I like it. But I know that’s not gonna happen! For instance, Lucas came back and suddenly Peyton died, and Brooke’s back with Lucas, and take cares of Peyton’s baby etc etc. You know. Hah I know if I ever be a tv show director, my show will only last a season with just a few episodes just because I WANT IT NOT TO BE COMPLICATED AND OF COURSE HAPPY HAPPY ENDING! Lame right? That’s why I wasn’t born to be one. Bye.






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