No Black Tie

30 Jul

My daily routines suddenly changed after a friend of mine, Sheera, ambushed me with a question “I made a reservation at No Black Tie tomorrow, you wanna come?”

Thanks for the impromptu invitation, and of course I said yes. I’ve never been to NBT before and since this is my first time going there, I started searching for directions on Google maps and also some infos about the place. I’ve pretty much heard of it from some local Indie pages on FB but I don’t really know what’s this place like. Whether it’s like clubs or what, because.. well you know, most of the time those gigs usually held at places like Planet Hollywood, Barsonic Zouk, Ruums, Laundry Bar etc etc. Sometime’s it really spoils my mood to actually enjoy the type of music I’d really like to hear, but at the kind of place I don’t really like to be at. I mean, I don’t care about people going clubbing and dance all night like there’s no tomorrow but I just don’t like it when my hair (practically the whole body) covered with weird odours from smokers, drinkers and all that jazz. Well, those were the days. I’ve never been to any gigs again until last Tuesday, I have this thing at NBT. It’s actually a restaurant serving Japanese food where they have a small stage where acoustic performances from different people/duos/bands entertain you while you’re sipping your miso soup!


Nothing in life is free, therefore we have to pay the entrance fee which costs us RM20 each and guess who’s there taking charge at the reservation table = It’s Liyana from Estrella! And she’s so sweet and beautiful!! And of course Reza Salleh was there too with his checkered shirt and the same out-of-bed hair style the way we always know him. I ordered green tea and soft shell crab salad for dinner and the first act was performed by the Halfway Kings, the dynamic duo from Seremban. Adeline looks pretty simple on the outside but when on stage you hear she sings, her voice is like KT Tunstall! Her partner Joachim, played the guitar and the both of them could really rock it. There were a few unannounced acts such as Zalila Lee and also The Glance. The girl from The Glance, Amy, is someone who perfectly fits in the definition of  ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. She’s such a simple girl with country dress, vintage glasses on her face with no make ups and all but above all, her voice rocks! They sang 2 original songs and trust me, if I put someone say ermm Mila AF next to her, I’d definitely choose Amy. No doubt. At first I thought it’s gonna be lame but hell yeah it’s a total eye-opener for me and after them was Reza Salleh singing with his beautiful voice. He sang a few new songs about politics, about how is Malaysian coping with the government in Putrajaya and also a cool song for a girl who’s actually didn’t realize that her friend is the one she’ll fall in love with sooner. It’s something like Zee Avi’s Kantoi-ish, but much better and a bit more catchy I think. After that we have Narmi , who’s actually a drummer from One Buck Short. And now suddenly he’s a songwriter and a singer and all this while, I’ve never noticed that he’s quite a charmer. He was so nervous on stage and started to make silly expressions which makes him looked more..CUTE! Only then we know that he’s been doing this (singing and writing) for the past 8 years but it never leaves the bed room. Well, now’s the time dude and it’s never too late. His songs are quite nice for me, very deep like he’s writing it for someone who’s real. Yeah, I bet it’s all for his girlfriend. (T____T). The last act was performed by Paolo Delfino and above all I don’t really like this band. I’m not a person who’s some kind of a racist (just because Paolo is a Chinese doesn’t mean I don’t like the band, besides they have Izaad, a Malay, as their guitarist!). It’s like I don’t get the song. I mean, the song doesn’t suit me. All of it were like sappy break-up songs and no matter how 6 (or 7?) people on stage, I still like the duos and the solo performers man.


Above all, I’d really like to point out that there’s actually so many talented local singers and songwriters here in our country. It’s just that they don’t have the chance to bring their stuffs in the main streams. I mean, all of this is rezeki masing-masing. Some of them are really good out there, and there’s not so many people who actually cares about it. Well some of them did care I guess, thanks to Homegrown, Junk etc etc. Now all you’ve gotta do is listen to them and this is not something like other big indie bands playing heavy and loud music , no! This is acoustic and it’s obviously awesome stuff! And it doesn’t make your ears bleed I tell you. 😛 So if you have nothing to do (like me), just go to No Black Tie and enjoy the music or you can just listen it on myspace or FB or the webs or wherever I don’t know where’s the direction of expanded technology! There my two cents. xx


Support local acts! 🙂


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