24 Aug

Malay dramas don’t always entertain me as much but one day I switched on the tv and turned to tv3 and tadaaah I saw the pretty pretty girl Lisa Surihani and Syed Hussein (Sein from Ruffedge) also a pretty pretty boy, on a tv series called Adamaya. I missed a few episodes earlier so I watched a rerun of it on tv3 online just because I’m a plain sucker for cute couple-romantics! I can’t stand not watching what’s gonna happen next PLUS, they both have a FRIKKIN cute daughter in that series named Amani. Real name, Mia. After seeing Macaulay Culkin playing Kevin McCalister both on Home Alone 1 & 2, I’ve never seen any other cute human beings called kids who is any cuter than him acting on tv. But now, I’ve found one. And here she is. OMG I want to pinch her cheek so cuuutteeeee! Love her, and her voice! 🙂

Cute kid with pretty pretty boy

And with pretty pretty girl


Adorable, isn’t she? 🙂

*Pictures from Mia Sara’s FB fanpage.



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