WISHLIST For September :D

24 Aug

My birthday is accelerating in a few more weeks and it’s not something bad, yet it’s not something good either. Well, who in the world would want their age to increase proportionally to their maturity level as well as wrinkles. HELLO? Well a 13 year old would probably wanna be a 30 whenever they’re being turned down by their parents’ limited rules and regulations (just like in 13 going on 30 :P) or anything that’s related to something like that. Of course everybody in this world has their own fantasy on receiving things they really want as their birthday gifts. Well if it’s not openly then at least secretly or even keeping it to oneself sometimes. Uh-huh, I know right? So I know some things are just indescribably impossible to get but still, we all have dreams and desires and that should do it. So what’s on my mind this time is nothing eccentric it’s just a normal person would ever want and some of them even buy it whenever they want to without waiting for a special day to get it. You numsayink? So here’s the thing I want and secretly hoped that my parents, well at least my sister, read this and buy them for me (I’m such a douche coz no one ever knows about this blog hahahahah it’ll never be the same if everyone reads it!). Frankly, not no one but there’s just a few. And it’s less than 10. Than 5! Or than 3? Hahaha. Whatever, it doesn’t matter and that’s kind of the point. 🙂 So back to my top 10 list ;

1 ) Ray-ban Clubmaster – the newly released RB3016 (top striped on white).

OR with a different colour which is the cobalt blue with black & green. (984)

2 ) A world political map from Nat Geo I found in Singapore. And I found the exact same one in KL the other day! Yeay! Preferably the Bright-Colored Political map, or the Classic one. Not the Earth-toned or the Physical Map. Makes a big difference you know. Hehe 😉

3 ) Paris on (the cold) November

4 ) iPhone 4g

5 ) Wii Fit

6 ) Marc Jacobs/Kate Spade

7) Cooper S Convertible

8 ) VW Golf GTI Adidas Edition


10 ) And London, and Japan, and Milan, and Madrid! Hahahaa this could go on forever.

So yeah. That’s more like it. Only one or two is rational at this moment but as I said, we all have dreams and desires. And we’d probably going to work our butt off to achieve that thing we want. Can’t wait to celebrate my birthday on Syawal. It had always been a Ramadhan birthday every year but not this time! 🙂 Toodles!



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