Responsabilité, SVP!

26 Aug

Have you ever seek help from someone when you’re desperately in need of one? It’s a BIG lie if you say no. Because no man can live alone in this world. When you need to ask your friends for some favours, do they complain first? Or they’re just the sweetest? Well on my part, it’s the latter. Thank you guys for all the things you’ve help me through but sometimes things got a bit different. When you ask them too much they tend to fell manipulated or being used or something like that. Of course I’d feel the same too so I know. But whenever people ask me to help them take care of something, let’s say they give you responsibility to take charge of your belongings just for a while or maybe, seeking for your help to pass on other people’s stuff via you, would you sincerely do it with all your heart or you just feel like you’re being forced? Either way, you have to tell the truth and everyone’s so glad if you’re willing to help by hard/heart. This is the time where people judge you whether they can put their trust in you or not. Sometimes, we feel that we can really count on people but well, you just don’t. It takes more than 2 years of friendship to really know your friends and their personality. I know I can read people pretty well so that’s why I will always be the one who ends up trying to protect everyone’s feeling from being hurt. But that’s okay, I enjoy watching people be happy but when it’s over the limit, that’s it, I just need to tell them the truth and give it a go. But I still tell them in a remotely funny way and just give them a hard hint whenever I’m feeling pissed. But most of the time, I don’t have a heart to do or say something bad to people. It’s just so important for me to keep everyone around me happy and healthy always! I don’t want wrinkles & sins! 😉 Oh well everyone’s different right? And yeah, back to my main point. Will you or will you not take ANY responsibility for all the things you’ve done when people really count on you to help them? It’s like a common sense or something I would say, more over if you are keeping it harder than before, like I mean, I want to make things simple and easy by asking some friends for help, but in the end it’s getting a lot worse than if you didn’t ask them to help you. You know what I’m saying? It’s some kind of a ‘one thing leads to another’ problem and all I have to do now is get my arse up to find a car whatsoever and get my things back putting aside that, that THING should be hand over to a few particular person last week. I couldn’t make it last week that’s why I need your help. So yeah I’m much happier, no wait, I WAS happier because I thought this week everything’s going to be fine coz we’ll be meeting everyone tomorrow. But a text message shocked me like I’m falling from the Batman Spacewing! And now, I’m not even in Seremban then I have to go way back to take it from you just because this time it’s you who couldn’t make it to the event tomorrow. What? I mean like, it’s just much more easier if I didn’t ask your help a week before, I’ll just bring it to KL yesterday and I don’t need to waste my time to send it to your place last week, and now I need to go to your place again to take it back?! I’m not mad at you seriously. I’m just so frustrated because it’s just a small thing and even that you can’t care much about my favour? I can pay you if you want, for your petrol or energy but I was just seeking help from a friend I’ve known forever! And you’re heading to the same exact direction for God’s sake. And you didn’t have to pick it up from me, I sent them to you on that very day! That’s why I’m a bit sad. If you ever read this, well I hope you don’t, just remember that I love you and I can’t tell you directly how sad and frustrated I am with you. I’m not angry and feel like killing you ke apa, it’s just that I’m having my period pain and I’m very very hormonal right now. So I am truly, really sorry if you ever came across this post, you know who you are. (I still bet you won’t lol). Okay? I still love you I do. And I don’t blame you, at least not all. A bit maybe. Ermm, and you’re still invited to my wedding someday (Wtf?). Because you’re one my girls you know that? And you’re one of my closest friends too you know! Thank you so much, for the help you offered although it turned out to be bad, still, thank you. I really appreciate it. Today I learned that, being responsible is important. When you grow older, you will have bigger responsibilities towards many important people in your life. And what you have to do is, take charge and don’t simply let go of it. People put their trust in you because they believe in you. So don’t loose it ok. xx


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