Old Timer & 53rd Birthday!

31 Aug

Sometimes I really miss the old times. I really do it’s not just for mouth’s sake, it’s something real. Especially things that happened during my high school years, where I played A LOT at that very moment. I wonder what will happen if I took a different step from the past and not expecting anything the same would be happening to me the next morning I wake up by now. What if I chose to be with another friends instead of the best friends I have with me right now? Will the difference somehow make a big unseen impact of my life or what? I must be in a different place surrounded by a bunch of different people and to be exact, something you can’t even imagine. Things you do now determines your future. Each and everything you do represents it. So think wisely before you’re so eager to do something. I miss the old times I really do. If I could turn back time I would make everything wrong to right. I can simply choose and throw away bad influences from my dear life. And that is why ladies and gentlemen, we can’t turn back the time no matter how unique and universal time is. And as for today, I’d like to wish; Happy Independence Day Malaysia! It’s your 53rd birthday. Speaking of this, have you ever wonder if TAR made a wrong decision back then? What might possibly be happening to us right now if he did.. Hmm.

SELAMAT HARI MERDEKA. I love you Malaysia.



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