How Open-Minded Are You?

3 Sep

Would you simply be judging people from the way they look or behave? You can’t practically know someone by just saying hi to them in like 2 seconds or something. It takes more than that to know how good someone’s heart is to really know them from their characteristics and what not. Living with a crowd full of narrow-minded people (no offense) makes people rather feel unacceptable or uncomfortable with their demented minds of things that are somehow irrational. Sometimes we just can’t tolerate with musings and opinions from a different person. People live their own way and we can’t force them to be someone we’d like to see. They will be themselves and all we can do is accept them and contemplate about it that’s all. You can’t actually send them to the authorities just because the way they look are just inappropriate or things like that you know. Some of them just don’t have insubordinate behaviour to be judged like they are bad people or killers or whatever. So technically, yeah, please don’t talk bad or even assume they are bad especially when you don’t know shit about them. Not all people wearing hijabs are the good ones you see. If you want to hear stories, there’s just too much to tell. Look more than your eyes can see. Think and use more than 0.01% of your brain and be nice to people. Treat people like how you want to be treated and if you’re acting like annoying beyotch then I’m sorry, I’m gonna treat you the way you treated me. Haha. So please, stop judging. You can talk, but that’s it. No further than that. I believe in karma. And I hope you do too.

So now, will you judge someone so openly gay and ban them, or you detest red-haired people just because their hair’s red? You shouldn’t because they are just so immaculate and glamourous with their own style and also a flamboyant rocker I should say. Conclusion : I want to go to Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia & Paramore’s concert both in October. Please please pretty please! (Jangan PAS tak bagi sudah). After all, it’s actually what this post is all about. LOL! Bye!

And still, stop judging! xx


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