When Syawal (2010) Comes

21 Sep

After a whole month of Holy Ramadhan steps in the wing of my calendar, I started to make good amends and turns out it lasts only for about a day. I regretfully missed this year’s what they call ‘nikmat Ramadhan’. To tell you the truth, the only time I went for terawikh was when I was with my TKC friends having iftar at Shana’s house. As days go by, I always have the laziness in me that I don’t want to go to the mosque which is just a walking distance away from my house but doing it alone at home instead. Of course I ended up not doing anything and yeah you defo would’ve guessed it anyways. I mean, I have the chance and opportunity and I’m not even busy but why can’t I spend my time doing so even for a short period of time? And that makes it even precious and I envy people who didn’t even miss a single day of terawikh during the month. I know I shouldn’t let it out for the matter but I’d rather not keep it either. I’m jotting this here not to feel proud or anything close to that, no. This is just a reminder for me so I won’t be regretting something so good and full of intensity at least for next year and also the upcoming years. When a friend told me, Ramadhan is the perfect time to chase barakah from Him, I listened and realised what I have missed on the last 30 days without a single devil on earth. Another reason to show what type of person one truly is – no devil to assault and influence you to do something bad. You know what I’m trying to say here right? So yeah, I am hoping for a better Ramadhan indeed next year, if I am still alive insyaAllah. Since it’s still Syawal, I’d like to apologize everyone for my wrongdoings or anything that might hurt your feelings. Sorry body and soul. Halalkan everything that’s taken by me and please feel free to come to my small house in Seremban. I enjoyed most of my raya and I hope I’m going to learn to control my food portions each time I eat by now. Unless I want to throw all my jeans and clothes in my closet, I shouldn’t stop eating.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims celebrating it. May all of you get His blessings all the way. AMIN 🙂

RAYA 10.



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