Quality Control

29 Sep

It takes more than just a good appearance to attract people. Well some of you might not agree but I strongly support this statement and I think it’s more than just the outside that matters. I mean, you have to know what’s the quality you’ve got and as eccentric as it can be please don’t feel neglected of what you really are. Because different is good. Not all people with money wants to show their assets to everyone you see. For example, a man who occasionally speaks Prada, wears a normal everyday-suit to the office looking like an ordinary office guy just because he doesn’t want people to define him by clothes, labels and also family background. You can let people know your status sometimes just to gain respect from the pessimistic ones who downgrades you but of course you don’t have to show off all the time, right? That’s just going to make it worst and people tend to look you rather differently then ie- in a bad way. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t like that. So yeah quality is all that matters. Speaking of it, I happened to go eat dinner at this Tomyam place with my parents and aunt, and to tell you the truth it’s not the kind of ambience VIPs would like to enjoy compared to the other Tomyam shop just a few feet away which focused fully on great settings and also colourful tungstens. I ate there (at the bigger shop) more than once, not by choice of course, and the food didn’t fascinate me that much. I mean, it wasn’t bad but it’s not good either. Wait. It’s bad! The taste of some other small restaurants’ cooking are much more better than the food at this huge, beautiful eating place and I’m still curious WHY THE H IS SO MANY PEOPLE THERE? To answer this question, I dare not comment anything as everyone has their own beliefs. I hope you get what I’m trying to tell you. Yea back to my point, the smaller shop serves you a whole lot better delicacies and extremely appetizing than the big ones! And some of the menus are even the same but it’s the quality of cooking that makes them tasty. It’s not always about the settings of the place, it’s how they represent the scrumptious food at that particular restaurant. I don’t mind sitting at a normal small and clean food stall than being in a big one if the latter will make me feel infuriated and just want to puke in the end. And please, don’t use bomoh. xx


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