True Blood Conspiracy

5 Oct

How much does it cost to get you to be in a happy family? Sometimes it strikes me whenever I came across any situation that shows one’s family isn’t the most important thing in life. I mean, how can it not be important because to me, my family is everything. When you have no friends to turn to, who else will you need other than your family? It’s not just your mom, dad & sibs. What about your aunts, and uncles and also your cousins? Well we’ve been running the same blood from our great great grandparents and how can we deny that. We don’t need other people to interfere in any kinds of problems we’re having because we can fix it if we are sincere enough. Sincerity is not enough, you need professionalism too. When you learn to accept what people think, and to confront your mistakes other than just pointing fingers at others, then only you’ll learn the bitterness of this life. When everyone talks behind your back and you know it, then you should know what does that mean. It’s time to fix every single thing with everyone. Whether you’re still young, or already old or whatever, as long as you can think maturely then please, don’t be selfish. Open your heart, especially to your big big family. We are always here for you. Your sisters, brother (s) and also daughter, nieces or even nephews. We don’t know what does it feel to be in your shoes. But at least everyone is trying to help. And what I learned from here is you need to appreciate everything in life even the small stuffs.

We need to cooperate in order to achieve the things we want. And for the record, this is not even for us, it’s for your own good.  But if you yourself don’t want this to happen, it’s your choice. All we’ve gotta do is be honest, be sincere and always be grateful to Him. HE will always be there with us no matter what. HE is the Almighty. And to my dearest sister who’s gonna get married in 2 months time, I will always love and help you. I am not going to be someone who stabs a family member in the back or even be a lying two faced bitch no, because you’re a part of me and you didn’t do anything to me to deserve such actions. But please. We need to respect everyone’s decision and if whoever is not happy with whoever, come face to face. Talking it behind everybody’s back is not going to solve it. It’s only going to make it worse.

Other things may change us, but we start and end with family


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