Look what my sister gave me on my birthday.

6 Oct

I was like “Wow bee what’s inside this, it’s heavy!”

As soon as I opened it, she said.. “Since you’re fat now”

And I shrieked! “What cream/lotion is this? OMG B! Is it safe??”

Finally a decent present. “Kak I chose this design coz it’s ala2 working shoes and since you’re going to start working anytime soon kan. Takkan nak pilih design or colour funky pulak”

And here’s her card. The gifts have said enough about her wanting me to lose weight and in this card summore! Hish.

*B I know you want me to kurus coz you want to share baju & seluar with me right? Heheheheh wekk!!


I love you B!! Eventho I didn’t say that often 🙂

Thanks for being such a wonderful and sometimes pain in the ass sister. Mwahx.


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