Sometimes People Keep Quite Because They Are Better Than You

11 Oct

You ever ask anyone a personal question, and it ends up making the atmosphere turns to an awkward situation? It makes you wonder how many times did people do exactly the same thing to you. Well personally, I don’t mind people asking me loads of stuffs about myself, yeah sure I’d pretty much answer everything truthfully. BUT what’s important here is, sometimes I don’t like the way you ask that question. I mean, I don’t expect everyone to be nice or what but just ask nicely. You don’t make fun of it when you didn’t get the answer you want. You can just accept and if you’re a true friend you’ll know what to say back no doubt. There will no long pause and silent answer with an annoying face like you’re trying to think of something bad in your mind. Of course some people don’t like to be asked with so many questions about themselves that’s not even related to you. As I said, I don’t mind. Maybe you want to catch up about my life, or just be friendly or maybe to escape uncomfortable silence but please, don’t judge. I can tell by the look of your face if you simply judge me. If I’ve done something good and even proud of myself for doing it, doesn’t mean I have to tweet it and post it on my facebook or here whatsoever, no. It’s up to me. Maybe I really like to keep it low/to my self. Unlike you. So, you don’t know. That’s why you can’t simply give your opinion towards my life and how to handle one. Your life isn’t that great either. Thanks for all the help and I appreciate all of it but don’t feel too proud and it’s like you’re showing off to people that you’re better than others whereas there’s a lot more people who are better than you for God’s sake. It’s nothing actually but please, manage your intonations. That’s what differs your opinions and questions from others. You don’t know what’s gonna happen to you in the future and I’m not hoping for anything bad or whatever. It’s just you have to learn that besides you, other people have feelings too. Why can’t you think of that? When it comes to friendship, I don’t discriminate. I don’t even choose who to be friend with. Unless you have a serious problem with me. But of course I’ll try to avoid that kind of situation. You don’t choose your friends just because some of them are not pretty, not cool, not updating facebook actively, not having the same political interests with you and what nots. Ask yourself a simple question, are you one of these people? I know you always have been surrounded by fabulous people around you and I don’t know how you ranked your friends but please don’t do that. If you think it’s enthralling to be like that then go ahead. Be yourself and one thing, don’t go around asking about other people’s things just because you want to compare with yours. That’s total BS. Seal your mouth and annoying facial expressions with the most expensive Japanese masking tape you can ever find. xx


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