I’ve Got the GLAMBERT Fe-fe-fever!

14 Oct

Since I’ve read about Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour 2010 on The Star Online, I started making promise to myself that I will go to his concert and at least feel hot of the fever brought by the immaculate, beautiful and a flamboyant rocker. I mean, I must reserve some moolah to buy the tickets because I have a different point of view when going to international concerts or any other gigs for the matter. I’d rather not go than getting myself the cheapest ticket where all I could see is just going to look like a diva ant is singing with loud voice and surround speakers. I’m not saying this to feel proud or obnoxious or trying to sound cocky or what. But let’s say the least you can get for a ticket for this kind of show might be around 100 bucks or less (and that will be around 98 or something I guess?), so what’s the point of wasting a whole 100 bucks to go and watch something you can’t really see? It’s not clear unless you’re going to watch at the big screen from the beginning till the end. I’d rather invest for other seatings, even if it’s not the most expensive ones, it would still be okay with a greater view OR not go to the concert at all. Well of course I’m saying this ONLY WHEN I HAVE ENOUGH SAVINGS for ‘minor’ things like this hehehe. Who knows The Strokes or One Republic will be here in Malaysia, and I’m penniless and too desperate, I’d definitely buy the cheapest ticket! Or try entering another contest perhaps? Hehe.

Thank you so much FlyFm for the Rock Zone tickets & I don’t care singing Lambert’s version of No Boundaries to get a pair of those seriously. Alhamdulillah. The only thing unpleasant happened today, I can’t no longer fit on the sequined leggings because there’s not going to be another perfect time to wear it other than tomorrow because it will be less conscious for me yknow. Darn you big butt & thighs. All that has left is a lacy leggings and since when did Adam Lambert portray lace? OMG NEVER!!! Hahahaha. I’m just going to look decent. And with some liners of course. See you guys at Sri Pentas TV3 tomorrow to get onto the GLAMBUS. I don’t even know what’s the purpose of the GLAMBUS actually. Is it just an alternative for all the winners to carpool to Bukit Jalil or what? Well, let’s just wait and see. 🙂 Toodles yaww.



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