19 Oct

Glam Nation Tour in Malaysia was the bomb. I mean, despite the protesting and all the meaningless activities by the oppos party, it went well and even better! I seriously didn’t come across any of those people for the matter and I don’t know anything until I read the papers next morning. Come on we know this is just another concert which a singer wants to promote his/her album all over the world and 50 person giving out bs pamphlets wouldn’t stop the show yknow. I mean, like it’s even nothing to do with it actually. How can you simply make serious accusations of someone by just knowing that person’s current status is openly gay. I’m so embarrassed of these thinkings. I’ve been following Lambert’s twitter since forever and just read through his timelines. He enjoyed doing performances at Hong Kong, Tokyo, complimenting on the cute girls and HOT guys in Auckland (as he put it), and oh so many more. It’s so saddening to see his tweets about Malaysia started with a bitter sentence and finally and excitement at the end, thank God. That’s just great finally. And for the record, his padre did call us the people living in the 12th century. Yes, I know it’s hard for an Islamic country to accept things like this because it’s not even close to our culture. But this dude here didn’t come to promote and spread what he’s been doing with his life. All he wanted to do was sing to his fans and make them happy. Yes to make me happy, that’s all! What’s the big problem? Are these people protesting were just trying to seek attentions and create bombastic topics for a new headlines of their news or something? Well, it’s not working because I experienced a great concert with AL and he’s major talented!! Can’t everyone just be optimist about this for a split second and use your head to think. What’s that for? You’re just some groups of cantankerous people trying to build reputations on someone else’s downfall. That’s so annoying and even worst. Don’t expect someone/an outsider who comes with the West culture don’t know the meaning of being good. In fact, I dare say that he’s much better than some of us, locale people, where all can we find are just like someone so…let’s say a lying two faced person, or a hypocrite maybe? You think we’re living in a country with the most polite & pleasant attitudes on earth, think again. Everyone is different. You can’t generalize. Stereotypers (if that’s even a word) are the ones that’s dangerous. Because their mouth stinks and they tend to spread fake news and make people believe it just because their mouth, well, stinks! What’s wrong with being different and eccentric at the same time. Similarities are boring. Don’t deny. Just accept what’s life is all bout. Living in denials will just make you suffer and it’s kinda depressing I know. And of course, there’s some of my friends who don’t like people who aren’t straight, especially guys, but they went to the concert because they appreciate the music. That’s all. What’s so wrong about it? Some of you just post everything on your FB status mocking about the concert but you don’t even know what’s it like when Adam was performing that night. Aren’t that such a ridonculous think to do? Maybe you’re just jealous and ugly so that’s why you hate him without a reason. Hahahaha embarrassing! So yeah, everyone has their own points on what to say and what not to say. After all, we ARE different people with many kinds of perceptions right? I’m not talking about anyone specifically, so yeah, don’t go around talking about me and you being terasa by my post whatsoever. It’s my name on that WP address, yeah I can write whatever I want. So here’s my two cents. Oh btw regarding the concert, I think Lambert sounded like a girl at a time but of course, in a good way! Lol. Hehe all I could say is that, the night was fascinating and it ended with excitement big time. Being on the GLAMBUS with Ben, Phat Fabes, Nadya, Hunny Madu & a few others of FlyFM’s and HotFM’s deejays was a total blast! They were the coolest bunch and we totally rocked the bus. xx


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