Genie In A Bottle

25 Oct

If I have a magic genie just like the one in Aladdin or any genie for the matter, and I can have 3 wishes that will come true, I’d definitely have the perfect 3 things that’s always been in my mind since forever.

1) I want the ability to be invisible.

So that I can travel around the world whenever I want, do the things I want, and hug everyone or whoever I feel like to hug, real-life stalking not just FB k!, save a person’s life, or even rob a bank? Basically all the stuffs that invisible people do.

2) I want to read other people’s minds. Yes, like Edward.

That’s the only way to know what lies beneath someone’s apathetic face. Not only that, I’ll probably get to know someone’s characteristics by heart. I mean, the real you. What are the things that come to your mind when you see me. Honesty is the best policy. And mind-readers can’t never be lied to. After all, we all need ANSWERS.

3) I want everything that I hoped for will always be granted & I can take it back whenever I want.

In that case then my genie’s job is done. Sound so selfish hahaha!!

That is why ladies & gentlemen, we can never have things like this in our lives, for He knows what we are capable of doing. We are not Him, we have our limits. And it’s not even arguable. This is just me messing around with my mind, and I end up putting it here just because I need a hug. A looong, big one. So, who’s up for a swim tomorrow? Tennis perhaps? Or back2back movies? Never mind I’ll just be on the treadmill looking like the coolest loner ever. Hope to see you soon! xx


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