28 Oct

I’ve never had a maid or as we Malaysians like to call it, bibik, for my entire life. And for the past 2 days, I’ve had a chance to talk with a bibik at my aunt’s house in Melawati. Currently, to ensure that my unemployed moments aren’t suppose to be waste blindly, my aunt asked me a favour to be a private tutor of her daughter, my baby cousin Amanda who’s having her final exams at the moment. Well this is not my first time being a private tutor and I pretty much enjoy teaching the things I’m good at. I’m not saying like an expertise in some areas or whatsoever, but hey of course you can still remember all the secondary subjects you learned in school right? No? Well it isn’t that hard for me. Now. (MAYBE I’m saying this because I have lived pass it because basically, everyone is like that don’t you think). We have so many types of bibik we heard about from where we live and also, in the news. I might say that some bibik are not that lucky to have a good employer and I pity them for that. If you want them to serve your family well, then treat them like a person because they’re actually one. But of course, there are also the stubborn type whom the boss needs to be extra strict to them & don’t ever let them go way over the limit. This bibik I chatted with has been living with this family since my baby cousin was born. And she’s now 13 years old and the bibik is still here! Well, she’s married and her husband works at a construction field here in Malaysia, and they also have a house which is just nearby to my aunt’s house here in Melawati. So she came here every morning, do whatever she needs to do and go back home by evening. Although it’s just a walking distance away, she’ll wait for her husband to be here and fetch her. She’s a kind and nice person, she always tell me about her daughters and son. All of them were left in Indonesia since they’re still schooling and now each and everyone of them are already working and one of the daughters and the son already got married. She kept saying how time flies. She’ll go back to her hometown once in two years time if I’m not mistaken. I’m not trying to be a busy body and scrutinized the details about her but well, she’s the one who didn’t stop talking. I don’t blame her maybe she’s just boring or need somebody to chat with and yeah, I don’t mind spending some time listening to her story. Hearing about other people’s life living the hard way makes you think, how grateful of you to have so many things in your life right now. I mean, don’t think about what you don’t have. Some people are a lot more unluckier than you. They even have to be apart from their families to earn money for a living. For some clothes and food and shelters. Whilst all you need to do just give some orders. Just that. So why can’t some people think, and ask for your favours to be done nicely? Well I’m not taking parts and again, I’m not talking about anyone here in case any of you dyslexics didn’t get it earlier and started being judgemental about my statements. Fo. In all I’d like to say from now on I will always try to remind myself that if you think you’re not satisfy with your life, just think again some other people might have been in worse situation than you. What would it be and how would you feel to be put in that kind of position if you’re forced to? Can you survive? Can you even breathe? Yeah think again. Always always always be grateful of what you have. And as for my baby cousin, your bibik showed me all your pictures since you were born 12 years back. Respect and always remember what she’s done until you’re..well..just look at you now.  She told me she loves you despite that you’re always shouting at her whenever you can’t find your things and go ruckus around the house. See, not all bibik are bad. Sometimes the bad ones we heard on the news, they just don’t have the morality that’s left in their body and sometimes, they try to be rebellious and treat you like how you treated them. Some are real good ones that you just feel like they’re part of your family. Learn to respect others, and they will respect you. And remember, kalau kita fikir kita susah, ada orang lagi susah daripada kita.



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