2 Become 1

23 Nov

Do you know how much weddings are fun until you’re the one organizing it? Being capable of helping practically everything for my cousin’s wedding helped me utilized my free time a lot! The busyness & exhaustion can’t even be explained in words. Especially when the part after everything’s settled & you need to get everything back in order. And fyi, you will always feel the tiredness only after the ceremony ended! But after all, everybody in the family felt relieve and grateful for it went out so well as planned on the day of the wedding itself.

Alhamdulillah praise to the Almighty. Congratulations to my cousin Abg Jai and to Kak Dora, welcome to the family. See you in Muar for next year’s raya I guess 😉 Hehe. Our house is just a walking distance away, so my mom and I will help my aunt every single day few weeks before the big day. And that’s kinda our routines for the month. Family gatherings are so much fun and so much trouble at the same time. Because you know, when sometimes you have enough resources (or some would say more than enough), somehow you have rather lack of courtesy, then people will set up their minds towards you. Well not all, but at least some of them do. Even if it’s not out loud. But of course on the other hand, I don’t mean to be specific so I’m just saying. I’d pretty much love to help anyways. 🙂 Rather than keeping my lazy arse doing nothing but eat & watch tv & read books & all that matter. And for all I know, I didn’t care about my ‘internet’ life when I’m occupied. Great huh. So Abg Jai’s November wedding was over. And Kak Dee’s coming up next on December! Just a few weeks away from today as I type this whole getting married stuffs. I managed to finish on the invitations last week and I already ordered the cake for her wedding in case I’m gonna busy (ehem) next week. So yes my job for the next wedding is currently done, and that’s why I now have the time to update this crap sheets of mine & also upload all my pictures on fb that has been delayed since I don’t know when. So I ended up uploading 4 albums at the same time hahaha. That’s it then. Again, I congratulate you Abg Jai for having your own family now. I hope you take care of your wife and guard her with your life. Daim’s gonna grow up soon so… a baby as soon as possible, please?



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