Haven’t Been Here For Exactly A Month!

23 Dec

Well. Just look at the title. HI!!!!! Hi bloggie how are you? I hope you’re just fine & not feeling upset or anything by this abandonment because I obviously didn’t mean to! So many things happened in between November & December. So many things to spill, so many characters, so little time, so little space.  Yes. Since after Abg Jai’s wedding ended (as I can see that’s the last thing I blogged about), I’ve been away. For holiday 🙂 And when I got back, Kak Dee’s wedding took place and yes it was on the same week. How occupied my unemployed life these days huh. Jealous much? Well don’t be. Because you can’t even think of the pressure. The pressure of people asking you repeated questions. But wth, my face is thick enough to survive even with light make ups. Or no make up at all. Just when you know you gotta keep them shut, you act normal & let they figure upon your behaviour because well they can’t expect you to tell them every single thing especially when they think you’re trying to brag or something. Right? No? You’re not even close to me and not even one of my close friends whatsoever. Even now I could feel that I lost touch with them for a while. And I feel the distance. Yes I felt it. It doesn’t matter whether I didn’t text you guys 24/7 or give comments on your Facebook status or get to know every details of your everyday stories, I still care. And I still check out on your pages, pictures and anything just to keep me up to date with what’s going on in your life. So when (you think) I’m keeping myself quiet or no news from me at all but the constant twits on my Twitter never stops, then yes, I am still alive and most probably credless. Or I misplaced my phone. Not all the time but when I have my phone back, I forgot or I choose to ignore the belated messages I received. But I read it. It’s just that I don’t know how to say it then just because it had been a while since it happened you know. If I could, I’d really love to catch up with my friends every single day! Plus, I’ll never abandon this page at all. I mean, I love updating craps whenever wherever. So yes, when I say I’m busy, doesn’t mean I’m in front of my laptops doing some excels, looking at stock takes or go to court representing clients, no. Maybe I have my own family matters which to me are really important. Maybe I have a plan with another friend whom I haven’t met since I was 6. Maybe I’m going to KL/Muar to see my grandmother because the last time I saw her was on Aidiladha. So you never know. When I have time & transportation is not a problem, I’ll definitely go. Because I love love love going out with my friends. Seriously. So yes, please I hope some of you out there who think that I’ve changed or whatever, please, I’m still me.

*and I won’t delete you from my fb just because I’m a jealous shit/insecure/someone asked me to/just-because-I-have-a past(not even at all) -with-your-bf-I-can’t-keep-them-on-my-friends-list. Muahahaha*

As for now, I’d like to wish Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it & to one of my closest friend out there, Georjinah, have a great xmas with your loved ones k! I want pasta & roti sedap yumm. 🙂

And to birthday girl, Happy birthday Shera. 🙂 I made it to your house! After so long, I finally got the chance to hang out with the girls. And babe, we hope you’re surprised! Hehehe

Love lots. xx


One Response to “Haven’t Been Here For Exactly A Month!”

  1. Georjie December 24, 2010 at 2:10 am #

    OMG duuuude i can’t believe u finally updated ur blogggg!!!Tanx ya for the wish? unfortunately, no open hse this year…BUT if u girls decide o come, just send me at least a 24-hours notice so i can at least cook for y’all…hahahahah!

    Or if u guys nak, we can go dine somewhere nice…since i’ve got a car and all…we can go gallivanting (but on my day off lerrr…je n’ai pas du temps libres en ce moment…) INI KENA PLAN LAHHHH!!! :))))

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