GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011

3 Jan

IT’S NEW YEAR PEOPLE! 🙂 Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for 2011, although according to Islamic calendar, Awal Muharram already passed almost more than a month ago. Anyhow, to resuscitate my blog from its ‘idle’ phase, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very very happy new year! Many things happened through the year twenty ten. I’ve made new friends, and I lost a few either. I can’t believe at this time last year, I’ve been busy making decisions whether to skip classes on the first week of the semester or not. Well apparently Geox & I never fail to do so each semester lol. And last year, I graduated. I passed my degree with honor. And until now, I can’t quite believe it. Coz you know sometimes I forgot to think high of myself. Anyways that was truly the highlight of 2010. I’m thinking of doing masters then phd like most people do but I think I need a break & $ is quite the problem. But nevertheless I am pretty sure I want to work. (but until right now I still haven’t LOL). I have set a goal to be a journalist or further my study doing broadcasting since I was in form 3 but at the end of my SPM year, I had no other option than to study Physics in college. Therefore, taking IR during my varsity years had been a very challenging moment for me at first but I quite like it & enjoy the rest of it thus the graduation.;) And because of IR’s area of studies are way broader than all of you can even think, being an employee at Benz sounds pretty good too right? Although I’m still crossing fingers at NSTP. Boohoo. Ok back to my memorabilia of 2010, one thing that I’ll remember for sure, I’m Paris-ed & London-ed!!! Frikkin awesome!! I know I sound so jakun for this whole UK-Paris thing but I’ve never been there before. All this while, I can only see pictures from other people’s en vacance or on Astro TLC or any reading materials and all that jazz. I thanked so much to my uncle & aunty for giving me the chance and I would never trade it back for anything. That’s the time I would act as adventurous as I can be. I enjoy myself to the fullest. One thing for sure, my second last day in Paris, I’ll remember Chatelet than the Eiffel Tower itself. I was aggravated by a group of hippies or gypsies I don’t quite know, specifically 3 underaged girls trying to pickpocket from my aunt’s Speedy in a subway & well, they succeeded. And my uncle who’s holding the bag didn’t even realize it AT ALL. When the RER finally stops, an Italian/Moroccan/Arabic (I’m not so sure but he looks like he’s one of those) gave an eye signal to my aunt saying that her purse full of Pounds & Euros & MYR & Credit Cards ALL was picked by one of the girls. Then at our stopping station, my aunt managed to pull only the two of them out from the RER but the other one left remained at the corner of the other door, wearing an Adidas sweater & a piggy pink jeans, insisted not to move even an inch & trying hardly not to look at us. Then it was like a scene in an action movie with our language barriers, plus with a bunch of blacks all very tall and huge (racism aside, purely description) trying to protect the one girl inside the train, and the Italian/Moroccan/Arabic dude almost fell into the gap between the train & the platform just to help my aunt save her purse from the girl. And everyone else thinks the Italian dude was the bad guy & the all the big Blacks kept telling other people that he (Italian dude) wanted to harm the girl. My cousin and I were dumbfounded by everything and I could see that my cousin was shivering & can’t help but cry. We did shout “POLICE POLICE” loudly a few times (yes, like in a movie I told you!) but well, there’s not even a single guard there. To cut the story short, the Italian guy managed to hold on to the girl’s sweater and finally pulled her out of the RER and my aunt quickly took charge and suddenly she was groping the girl up and down and up and down to find her purse. Then, there’s no purse. The Italian didn’t give up and pushed the Adidas girl to the floor and there you go, my aunt’s purse rolled from her jacket to the tiles. She’s been hiding it up in her jeans or something. Before we could do anything, she got up and jogged as fast as she could. And suddenly, everyone else finally understood what the ‘scene’ was all about. We thanked the Italian guy for what he did, and so does everyone else there. People shook his hand as a token of appreciation for what he had done & for the misunderstandings too. All the black guys suddenly disappear too. So I’ve been thinking, it is possible if the blacks were the sidekicks or the agents or something. Like in the movie Taken remember? They kidnapped those girls for sex and human trafficking, so in this case, for a highly trained & professional pick pocketers? Well I’m just saying, we never know. And as cliched as it was like in the movie, a few policemen did arrive after everything was settled. So action drama, I know. Of course after the incident we felt so thankful to Allah by His willing we got all the money back. Alhamdulillah, I still can’t believe I’m actually in that movie as an actress, not an audience. Till now, I can and will ever forget the day it happened as I experienced total panic in my life. More panic than when I’m in one of the horror rides in Disneyland. And that, ladies & gentlemen, were the past. Goodbye 2010. Thanks for all the tears and laughters. All that remains in here *points to heart & mind* 🙂

Musée du Louvre

La Tour Eiffel


Notre Dame Cathedrale

Disneyland® Paris

Powered by Gibson!


Big Ben

Horse 😛

Tower Bridge

At Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park


Truthfully, I got honked 3 times by a blue convertible Mini Cooper while standing in the middle of ABBEY
ROAD at night. So all I can get was me finish crossing the road and it’s so not Beatles ok!

Met the spirit of Hendrix @ Madame Tussauds

No Carla Bruni yo!

My boipreng k!

My stay-up buddy back in Bangi! KEKER 🙂

Well that was it. More pictures on my FB. I’m saying goodbye to something so memorable I could never forget. I’m  hoping for better things in life this year InsyaAllah. If I want to state each and one resolutions for this new year, it’s going to be a very very long list. Plus, snot that I’m going to achieve all of it either. So why bother jotting it down and let it be there until next year arrives? If you really wanna do it, set your goals. And be positive. Optimism is the first step of changing yourself or your attitude. So, open your hearts & minds, be sincere in life, and don’t be sceptical about everything and you’ll have a happy life above you. May all the good vibes be with you through the year. AMIN.

Selamat tahun baru semua!

MyNYE spent with my sibs & cousins!

Love lots,


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