A Decade Of Friendship

5 Jan

Looking back at those vivid memories in school, everything seems vaguely familiar now. As been told since I was still small, it’s hard to find a true friend what more many true friends. For me, being a good friend to someone is easy as abc because in order to be one, you’ll sure be close enough to each other and you’ve at least be friends for more than a year. At least. Until today, my love to my fellow batchmates in TKC never fades in fact, it’s getting stronger day by day. Things can never go wrong when I’m with them. I can’t explain by words, why. You can only understand it if I have a Pensieve like Dumbledore & you’ll be able to live and flip through each and every memories I kept in it. Not just the good ones, but the bad ones too. So much crying, so much joy all in 5 solid years we’ve been together. Imagine living with the same small group of people where you can see them day & night. Going to class and preps everyday, eat, pray all at the same time, even sleep together. So how can we not tie any bind of closeness. Everyone knew stories about everyone, from things involving teachers to Starters. You can go around college and you bumped into a junior or senior along the way, and no doubt you’ll be like ‘eh tu starter xxxx kan’. Or even, ‘eh aku nak Start dgn dia la’ , ‘mana blh weyh, tu Starter xxxx la, cintan kot (seriously, this word? LMAO) baik kau Start with another person’ . Hahahaha I can go laughing out loudly all night long reminiscing every single thing back. And I have my own immature moments too regarding this matter. Oh wth, we all were young kids with narrow minds once right? Hehe. And I’m not gonna start on who likes who coz that’ll take more than the characters in WordPress can fit. Trust me, it wasn’t gay, it was just something like you’re setting a person as your idol or you like a person’s personality & stuff, more of the things like ‘Oh I want to be like her coz she’s so good & disciplined & she has attitude & all that’. Ha-di-ha. And I don’t dare start anything on wardens. It’s a little bit too controversy for trying to spill everything out here.After all they were all my teachers and I still respect and thank them for everything they’ve thought me. 10 years ago, right now, I might still scared of what I’m facing. To be apart from my family for the first time, to meet new people, to learn new things in life, to be more responsible and to grow up. It wasn’t that easy, but eventually I survived. Yes, we did. And for the first time in my life, I had a bedmate also known as beddie, longkang-mate aka lonkey, tablemate (at the dining hall), doormates, roomates, lesbomate (!), and all the mates you can ever find in the world. My first involvement was during Talentime 2001, and I don’t know why I chose Dikir Barat but only after that I know I’m such a good pendikir ok! 8) There were other stuffs too for example like Boria, Nasyid, Acapella, Traditional Dance, Emcees,  Singing as a solo and also Cak Lempong, the traditional Negeri Sembilan musical. Well, that’s just the start of everything. We still have big events that were really important to us such as our inter-batch English Drama competition, inter-house Malay Drama Comp, even the small things like MKKI, MTAQ, English Week, BM Week, everything. We never rest. And yes, my band life is a different chapter. It would be an understatement to mix it up here coz it’s too nostalgic and it had and always been a big and major part of my TKC life. I mean, everyone has their own story. Me and my band, you and your basketball, you and your hockey, you and your debate, you and your silat, you and your netball,you and your sailing, you and your taekwondo, you and your ____ .(fill in your co-curricular activities when you’re in school). That’s just so much for me to type everything in less than an hour, with teary eyes and I’m quite tired and sleepy right now since I’ve been out one day. And I only have this time to post something on the 4th of January, but as I’m typing now it’s already January the 5th. =.=’ Whatever, it’s the thought that counts right?? Lol. I’m sorry girls I missed the advance party at Sri Petaling the other day. Saw the video, what a joyful event to start a year. You guys look great and I’m glad that each of you were all so happy and excited. (Yeah I know Alot was over excited I saw it hehehe). You know how I will try my very best to come to meet you guys everytime, but well I had plans with my family the same day. So again I’m sorry. May our friendship will be blessed by Allah the Almighty. Persahabatan yang ikhlas, akan sentiasa diberkati. InsyaAllah AMIN.

Old picture.

SPM week.

PPM / Hari Kecemerlangan SBP

Mesti ramai Zzzz / tulis note to starters / STUDY! 😛


And so many more of our hideous cute photos from 2001 in hard copies because there’s no digital cameras back then. Hihi.




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