Where Art Thou?

3 Feb

Have you ever feel that someone’s been avoiding you the whole time you’ve tried to talk to them? Or have you yourself ever avoid someone who wants to talk and catch things up with you? No matter in which category are you in, you must feel very uncomfortable in so many ways.  And of course there’s so many reasons on why people do such things. Maybe you’re having a conflict with your friend and don’t know how to solve it, so instead of confronting and facing each other to settle things down, you ignore it. Secondly, you’re hiding something from the person you’re trying to avoid. So in order for you not to say the things you shouldn’t say or slipping off words from your mouth, you tend to play safe and just find any ways possible not to talk to that particular person. Not just that, the third reason these things happened is because you started to feel awkward with each other. Obviously, that’s not in a good way. Because there are two conditions of awkwardness; one is you guys are actually attracted to each other and the other one of course, you like someone else but you realised that the other person have feelings for you (well in this case, it’s a guy-girl situation). Assuming confessing things up will make it even worse, the friendship between you and your friend might just meet its end eventually because none of you are telling the truth. Why not meet up for a coffee or something and talk things over instead of avoiding it? Aren’t you guys friends so why must you act like you don’t know each other? Maybe, people are just too afraid to accept the truth that’s why they’re so comfortable living with assumptions and listening to what people say. I’d rather know the truth about everything than to ask other people about it unless the person you’re asking is the most honest person in the world or someone you can really trust. Another reason your friends are avoiding you is maybe they  don’t want to be your friend anymore. There’s gotta be a whole lotta different kinds of reasons regarding this matter. Well maybe you have a bad history with that fella, or maybe his/her other half don’t want you near their most precious thing on earth -.-‘. I’d totally understand that. And I know my limits between my girlfriends’ boyfriends. The fourth (and the most ridiculous) reason for some people to avoid their friends is because they are afraid of their friends calling them fat just because they’ve gained some kilos. I mean, what’s with that right? Friends wouldn’t do that to each other, and actually mean it! And you don’t want to see everybody and skipped so many gatherings just because you have a bloody big zit on your nose or simply because you feel down and unmotivated thinking that your friends might underestimate you by the clothes you wear, the bags you carry, the money you receive per month and all that. Only superficial people think that way and if you’re truly a nice person, you don’t do those kind of things to your friends, correct? So why must you avoid each other. If you have the time, please don’t make excuses. Keep in touch, catch up with what’s happening in each other’s lives before you grow older and how pathetic can you be when you don’t have a single memory of your friend. If you’re too busy to go out, text them or WhatsApp them or BBM whatever I don’t know all these things. And if your smart phones are ‘too lowbatt to function’, wall them on Facebook once in a while. Facebook isn’t shutting down so there’s no problem right? If it really is, then you can always tweet them. Replying what nonsense and twats they’ve been tweeting all day long. Trust me, avoiding someone isn’t necessary and should be refrained from all human beings. It’s just not fair to the other party not knowing the reason of why you’re avoiding them. Hope you get what I meant. I know it’s just crap like always, but yeah wth right. Don’t ignore me, I’m always here! InsyaAllah 🙂



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