Drops of Jupiter

30 Mar

People always say that life is unfair. In order to make it fair in so many ways, you can’t but just to be optimistic along the way. It’s all in your head. We have our own weeping time but eventually we lived. I spent almost of my first pay-check by giving it to my family. Because in order to keep it coming, we need to seek for blessings and we can’t just invest it in good shoes or suits. There’s more to life than that. I am very traditional if it’s regarding this matter. You can call me that all you want. But I believe in it. Truthfully, I didn’t quite realize that it has been almost a month already. Time passes by so quickly, I can’t even remember what’s it like to recall everything back in just a split second.

Thank you Allah for giving me every single chance in this world. Being in DFD makes me wonder, and it tickles my mind about what’s gonna be for me in the future. Because people talked and told me things. A LOT. But well, we can’t live on what people has and want to say. We live our own way, we run our own race. But of course we need views too but let’s just keep it as a reference and not our major guidance. In order to achieve accuracy of the talking walls, I need to experience it myself then only I can be judgmental about it. I always hoped for a wonderful friends and colleagues and Alhamdulillah they’re there. For the best part, I can’t quite believe I’m working together with my bff under the same roof. Although we’re not on the same level or department, but still, we get to see each other everyday. Yeay for that!

Just a suggestion, no matter how hard you work don’t forget to have your own me-time. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Go to concerts, go to musical theaters, go karaoke or maybe just go to the cinema would be sufficient. That’ll balance the laughing gas out of you. Only take chill pills once in a while. All you’ve gotta do is have your own motivation. Because you are the master of your habits. And insyaAllah everything will just be on track. Pray hard. Xox

And yes the title is an old song from Train.


One Response to “Drops of Jupiter”

  1. kdee March 31, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    wahhh..pasnih kite wat surprise tok mama n pak mad eh on their annvsry…only us…kakak & abg shoul, ct & apis, kak mish & amr…kak dya & abg..n baby…amacam ok x?hehe…

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