A New Hobby

5 Apr

When you’re lonely and you’re bored with the idiot box, (yes there’s actually a stage where you’ll get bored with it trust me, it happens) you just have to read. I mean, people are different of course. Unlike me, my sister tends to think that a black and white writings on printed paper that bind with hard covers are a total sleeping pill. Come on, it’s not sleepy at all. At least, not all the time ok. Good story lines excite you to turn to every single page as fast as possible. Trying to solve it to the end makes you like one of those enthusiastic runners trying to finish the race ahead of everybody. That’s why never buy books under the author of a clichéd storyline. Because you can actually guess what is going to happen in the end. So yeah in this case, a book which doesn’t have a single twist, is a total sleeping pill. But now I rarely spend my time doing that anymore. Maybe I have other commitments to attend to or too tired and lazy to read when I have time because I can actually read on the KTM or monorail when I’m on my way to work or heading back home. But I choose not to. I’d rather listen to my iPod and sanitize my hands because most of the time I’m on the pubtrans, I stand or simply gave my seat up to the disabled. To tell you, there are so many blind people on the monorail going back and forth to KL Sentral and the place for Persatuan Orang Buta Malaysia. So there’s no chance for me to read because it’s quite uncomfortable to read while you’re standing especially if you’re one of those low-blood pressure people. It’s quite impossible to focus on one thing since you need to hold on to something and at the same time to be aware of the pick pockets and what not. So it’s like I have a new habit now; to buy books and don’t even finish the previous one before buying myself a new reading material. Basically now I have a pile of books which I haven’t finish reading and I’m still buying new ones, and still updating the list of books to buy whenever I hop in to the nearest bookstore. What the duck. How I wish a fiction book-reader is a professional job.


2 Responses to “A New Hobby”

  1. kay September 10, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    what’s the meaning of “Sometimes you just reach to an inverse tangent approaching an asymptote” ?

    • aishahrox September 17, 2011 at 11:32 am #

      Sometimes you ‘stuck’

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