Bad for Your Breath

12 Apr

Friends come and go. Most of the time, the one who stays is like the one who fits with your lifestyle, your routines and most importantly your acceptance towards them. Sometimes it’s not all about wanting to have a clique of woo-girls around you, all that matter is sincerity. Try to be friends with everyone, because you never know what’s ahead of you. But just please, leave the sucking parasites as far as you can because they never want to and hardly will change.

Have you ever wondered what are the causes and consequences you get when you like to talk bad about people? We all do. I mean, we all speak out tons of things about other people even we know how bad Allah forbids it. Whether you say it to someone you know or to just random strangers who passed by you. Although sometimes it’s said indirectly, but the pure intention in one’s heart (which others don’t know) speak the truth out of you. Sometimes we care too much about others that we forgot to look what reflect ourselves in the mirror. We need to release our thoughts to the one we trust but sometimes, it just doesn’t work. I came across two siblings who made fun of an OKU man on the street and they kept laughing about his imperfect features, specifically his leg. He has only one leg but somehow or rather it is infected by a sickness I don’t even know of and no doubt it’s scarily big and swollen. I don’t think he can even walk with it. Well about the two siblings, apparently the father was there and scolded both of them for laughing at the guy. I would’ve done just the same because it doesn’t pay or cost you anything to have at least some sympathy for the poor guy. Because in God’s will, we can be like that in a split second. He can take back everything we have whenever He wants to, body and soul. So please, be grateful for every single thing in this world. I tend to forget a lot. So that’s why, I keep reminding myself to bersyukur all the time, especially when I write. Because there’s always a time for a shallow mode to chip in my demented mind, that I questioned myself with loads of monologue arguments. Like why can’t I have a collection of Chanel bags just like Marissa Cooper when she’s still in high school? Why do I have a pair of big fat short legs and flabby arms and all that? Yes there’s actually a moment of shallowness in me that I need to get rid of. Too much reality tv shows poison you faster than a spreading venom from a rattlesnake inside your veins. But to think again, more than 10,000 kids in the third world countries don’t even own a single piece of a non-woven bag. Sometimes all they’ve got is just their pants or just some leaves! Most of the time, they have nothing at all. And about dreaming of having a model-like feature every girl could ever dream of, let’s just be happy for what we have. Even an awesome climber like Aron Ralston lost his arm in the Blue John Canyon. Truthfully, it’s better flabby than none. Yes? No?

So you see, Allah is great and always fair. Everything has its own reason you can’t even think of. So don’t argue or don’t think short and keep on judging about this and that. Because sooner or later, there will be a time when you finally realize how much do you have that others don’t. Accept things with open arms and positivity. And mind your words and attitude the whole time. When your friends are lesser day by day, you don’t point your fingers to them. You ask yourself it’s actually who’s fault. Whether you or them. What drives it? And how much your attitude contributed on the situation? Think. This is a high-importance reminder to me and whoever bothers to read this crap. Again, don’t just talk bad about people, because you never know.

“Big people talk about ideas
Average people talk about things
Small people talk about other people”

So how small are we?


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