19 Apr

The busy and free time, it’s seasonal. Well if we’re chasing KPIs then maybe it’s not considerate to state is as seasonal. You’ll be busy all the time and you can’t even pretend to LLB like what I always do in my first month at MIDF. Have you ever think, where do you really stand in the future? What would you be? Will you still hold on to your dream to be the one thing you’ve aimed since you’re small? Will you still have the passion for it now? How long will it last, in today’s non-borderless world?

Just think. What type of person are you. It’s whether you choose your career scope with the same line as what you’ve been studying all this while, or you’re keen to change it all the time or maybe you just have to be there to know whether it fits or not, or maybe you’re forced by your parents, or maybe you’re just flexible and accept things without a stand. Or maybe, there’s just too much maybes here! But some of us might have our own aim but too blur to decide due to lack of guidance and experience. And for some of them, chances are not on your side thus you have no other options.

So I’ve been thinking, let’s say you want to be a doctor, you know what you should cover from the beginning. It’s a bonus you’re located at a science stream school so you don’t have to start all over again later when you’re in college/university. But if you want to be a lawyer, but your school doesn’t allow you to take art subjects, you have no choice. You still have to excel in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for you to have a license when you finish your high school education. Same goes for your college, if you’re not being sponsored by any scholars, and maybe your resources are insufficient to pay for A-levels courses or anything, then your options are limited. All you can do is to go for a 3 years diploma course/2 years STPM/1 year matriculation. Which will you choose? Everyone will definitely pick the latter. And again let’s say you’re the person with no luck in the world, you can’t get into the 1 year Pre-Law course, so you still have to go for matrix and study Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry despite how much hatred you have towards them.

Or in another case, you know you want to take engineering or any related areas i.e. being a Mathematics teacher or Chemistry lecturer etc, well at least it benefits you. BUT, if at the end of your college semester and you feel like you want to get the hell away from rocket science, you still can apply anything you want when you’re applying for university because basically, this determines your future. So people normally choose varsity subjects based on their capabilities and what THEY THINK THEY WANT TO DO in the future. They have all the subjects you can’t even think of which various universities offer. Sometimes, it’s too funny and irrelevant you can’t even think it exists.

And for the final stage, it’s after you graduated with a degree. For example let’s say you have a degree in architecture or maybe, accounting or anything else for the matter, but if you’re a passionate dancer, and if you’re good in singing or acting or whatever, what will you pursue? Do you want to be an architect or accountant just because you think it’s such a waste if you don’t apply it in choosing your perfect career? Or will you just listen to your heart and follow it by polishing all the skills required for you to be a professional singer/dancer/actor that you can obtain at any certified academies or art schools? Maybe you don’t know what part of your skills that makes loads of money; Xiaxue is just famous and her life is so fun and entertaining because all she has to do is take pretty photos, good photoshop skills and write funny life stories that are full of substance everyday. And all the company doing business will give you a lump sum of money to promote their products through her blog. There are just so many things to do now, even photography is such a trend, and videolog and those YouTubers out there, some of them really make a whole lotta money man.

My advice would be go for the one you really love for it’s very important to have an obsession about what you’re doing. It will produce good results but don’t ever get too obsessed than it will just screw your life. And if you got your own assignment from anywhere, don’t forget to take it, because who knows you might be very good at it in the end. Whatever it is, just give it a try.

So I’ve been thinking, which category I am? Haha there’s just tmi to tell. I have my own goals and hopefully I’ll achieve both of it in 10 years time, insyaAllah Amin.

And about being a journalist, I think I jinxed it! Sheeeeetozzzzzzz! K bye.


2 Responses to “Futurama”

  1. khalidah nazihah May 5, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    dude, my most recent post was titled futurama 😛 going round my bloglist, it’s so hard to find anyone that blogs anymore these days!!! I don’t think I wanna keep going either, but after reading you, I think I’ll stick around for you LAB! 🙂 XOXO

    • aishahrox May 8, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

      hahaha lok i wish no one would ever find this page (but i still put the link in my infos anyway sbbtu stalker tu jumpa kot hehe) Hahaha seriously futurama? Great minds think alike after all 😉 Haha LOVE YAH LOVE YAH LAB!! xx

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