Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Have To

13 Aug

Do you know that the first definition of parasites in the dictionary refers to a scientific info about an organism that lives on/in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment. Whilst the second part of it kinda makes sense to all of us who lived. Well not everyone is a person who receives support, advantage, or the like, from another or others without giving any useful or proper return, as one who lives on the hospitality of others. Only some of us are. 

Just a simple meaning right? Sucking parasites are everywhere. Sometimes they’re too close until you can’t even realize they’re there. Living in this world, is not easy. Surviving one, is harder. We have to go through so many obstacles till we reach to the top. We can’t let ourselves be the slave for money but we need it for the future. We need to be responsible for our own lives until we have our own family. Don’t depend on other people’s capacity just because they can afford it. And just because your boyfriend is some Tan Sri’s son. What more of a guy who’s depending on another Dato’s daughter or something. That’s just so wrong. We have that sense but sometimes we just can’t see it with our own eyes until someone blurted out to us after so many years, when it’s already too late to counter. 

People always say you never know someone’s true color until you live with them. Let’s just give it a try if you want to see how far it’s true. Maybe people don’t want to get out of their comfortable zone. Who doesn’t want to stay in a state where you ask for everything, you got it. Just because you know other people can fulfill your wants and needs. Come on, make an effort. We are the master of our habits, the leader or of ourself. Try to prove whatever others say is wrong when you still have time. If you yourself don’t make an effort to scrutinize on people’s judgment, then you’re out of the league. You’re just giving bad perceptions of yourself to others. If you continue living in your abysmal ignorance then all we need to do is just to keep pretending we don’t care about you or what you’re doing. Just because we care about the one we love so much to hurt her/him. Stop parasitizing. Even though you say you didn’t do it, but in other people’s eyes, you’re doing it underneath. It’s like you’re resting on someone else’s hammock just because you don’t have the effort to set one up for yourself. So please, stop. 

So, any parasite you know revolves around you? 



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