7 Sep

Sometimes in life, we were offered better things as we lived, but sometimes we just don’t. But in any situation, just remember that everything that happened, has its own reason. Because in the end, He decides. Alhamdulillah, Raya passed by so quickly I could still taste the rendang inside my mouth. I’m happy that I get to celebrate Raya with my loved ones and I hope the bond that ties us up this whole time will never break.

So once again, we’re back living to our normal daily life. Except for me, it’s a bit not normal that all I see now are just thousands and thousands of items in my excel sheets. I’m grateful for the chances I’ve been given for the past 6 months in RC&F. I’m no longer belonged to that family and truthfully, I miss them. All of them. So I hope RMD is just as ‘rockinrollin’ as my previous dept. Because we never know what it’s like to be in that place until we’re dealing with it. So good luck to me.

Put your sock on Aishahrox!


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