Organized Organizer

15 Nov

I discovered my minor OCD-ness when I started arranging my RM bills inside my wallet according to values, colours, and also sides of which Zetty’s signature is facing. I’ve been doing that since forever and one day, my friend complained about it then only I know I have this minor OCD symptom inside of me. Well, just so you know, we all have it. And truthfully, this is not even considered as OCD. It’s just our meaningless personal habits which are a little eccentric and normally people call it quirks. This isn’t a full-blown OCD like they always call it because these habits never get in the way of my ability to function on a day to day basis. Somehow, we are just trying to be a perfectionist or as some people may call it – neat freak.

After being so called interrogated by my dear friend, there are quite a few things I did which are actually related to this. For example, I can’t stand unfold pile of clothes mounting or even see clothes that were folded unevenly. It kills my eyes and I’ve always wanted to fold them again so they will look neat when we stack them in our cupboard. I don’t mind taking some time to do it as long as I’m satisfied.

To tell you, I can’t even start my work when my desk is mad messy / full with unnecessary things and can only start doing my task once everything is at its place. That’s my definition of conducive and I’m pretty sure everyone feels the same way too. Yes? No? Idk. And how do you call it arranging your books when you’re not doing it according to the heights? Yeah tell me about it.

So who likes coffee? I loooove coffee! I mean, we need our daily dose of caffeine and anti-oxidants in our body, so what’s not to love about that. Well here’s the thing, I can’t stand seeing coffee stains being transferred from the bottom of your cup to the table, when people just forget about a thing called coaster in this world. I’m being very practical here ok because those stain, will only attract ants!

Another thing that’ll bother the hell outta me is seeing my notifications popping out from my mail, text messages, messengers or getting new updates from iTunes and just leave it like that without clearing it. Numsaying? This happened since I owned an iPod touch long time ago and until now, I’ve tried to ignore it but I just can’t. The thing with owning a jailbreaked iPhone is that we can’t control the updates on Installous. I can’t deal with it and I even deleted the apps just so there’ll be no more popping numbers on my screen. But now, thanks to the most awesome ACTIVATOR, I can now solve my problems with non-updatable apps on Installous and still keep it there without deleting it. Jyeahh.

A few things about me, and I’ve done some research, turns out I’m not suffering from OCD. Thank God. It’s freaky to know the real meaning behind the 3 letter word which we often use to describe someone’s obsession on hygiene. I mean come on, please take care of your basic hygiene. Always carry an instant sanitizer, a pack of toilet seat cover, wet & facial tissues, band aids, 80ml of mouth wash and a sniff box wherever you go. Put it in a pouch so that you can always take the whole thing whenever you change handbags! Lol. And unfortunately, I’m allergic of dust. DEFO NOT A GOOD COMBO! Till then.



2 Responses to “Organized Organizer”

  1. kdee November 21, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    hahaha….same la kite…ikut wan kot!!

  2. j.lee July 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

    wow i never thought this would consider as having OCD. mine is taking to a new level. i hate seing my grades like getting other than A’s in my transcript, clothes not align in colours in my drawer, i even freak out if my face looks not symmetrical sometimes. doyou have this???

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