Winter Wonderland

6 Dec

Hello December! A year ago, I was fighting snow balls & eating snow flakes at some other longitudes/latitudes on the globe. It seems like the year 2011 zooms by so quick, you can’t even believe we’re reaching the end of the year by now. Just a few days ago, it’s January, and at this very moment, Santa is preparing himself for Xmas already! Many things happened between October – December, good and/or bad, and I’m grateful for every single thing that came and went in my life.

Despite my horrifying workloads, I’ve also made a few big decisions within this period of time and I never thought I’d end up to something like this. So many complications, so many people were involved but Alhamdulillah with His help, everything was at ease. So, decisions have been made and being agreed upon. The best thing to do now is to never look back. We must look forward in whatever path we choose. Turning around doesn’t seem to help unless you own a bloody awesome time machine and then you can talk. Thank you to my family, true friends, bosses and colleagues for all the support. Without all of youse, I think I might be in a mental ward or something for serious depression I guess.

Let’s start a new life and refresh our resolutions as we just passed our New Year according to the Islamic Calendar, 27 November 2011 / 1 Muharram 1433H. I know it’s late but never mind, Salam Maalhijrah to all Muslims and be sure to keep in your heart to be a better person day by day. If you’re sincere and have a full heart in doing so, He will guide you in every way. InsyaAllah.

And don’t forget to fast on the 9th & 10th Muharram – the pahala of fasting on these days are equivalent to your pahala of fasting for the whole year, InsyaAllah. So let us keep our intentions right and keep marching on. Whooopadeedooo


P/s: My cousin just got engaged and my friends are married! And another cousin is going to have a baby anytime now. Woooohooo. Gotta blog about that real soon!!



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