Twenty Twelve

2 Jan

Well hello two zero one two! A tough year as predicted by many. For some maybe they’re really looking forward to it for so many reasons, and for the other maybe it’s just another 366 days to live. I survived 2011 pretty well despite the ups & downs of what I’ve encountered. Too many crazy things to summarize in this little column of mine. 


For the most part, my cousin cum BFF got engaged in November. A small yet wonderful ceremony for family and close friends. Congratulations Mishey, you’re now someone’s fiancé. I hope you’re gonna be happy with the man of your choice 🙂 Always seek for His guidance in whatever you do, especially in building your own life i.e having a family. Because this is the start to your future. I’m writing this to you and at the same time I’m feeling scared. Scared of what’s it gonna be for me in the future. There’s so many things on my mind and I don’t dare to even think about it. To live on our own, without our parents. Phewh. Let’s just save that for some other time. Hehe so this year, another celebration to look forward to I might say. Can’t wait for your wedding! Wheee 🙂


And to my other cousin Nadira & her hubby Shoul, congratulations for the award of your lifetime!! Ahmad Darwisy, your grannies & aunts/uncles are gonna love you just as much. We’ve been waiting for you this whole time. Welcome to the world boy. In this world full of hatred & negativity, trust me your mommy & daddy will only give you the best to guide you in every way. And to guard you with their lives. Oh I just love babies, think I’m gonna cry now! :’)

The year of 2011 ended up pretty well syukur. I’ve been on leave for almost a week now, spending quality time avec ma famille. The best way to celebrate New Year I guess. And let’s just hope for a better year this year, insyaAllah Amin. I hope all of you accomplished your mission for twenty eleven, or you can just carry forward if you don’t. Stay positive peeps!!



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