Maturity is Just Another Word

7 Feb

I think it’s 110% true when they say “your maturity level depends on who you’re hanging out with”. Sometimes it’s not about how childish your mind works. It’s actually more on how you can manage it when you’re dealing with certain age group of people. And more of knowing the things to say to the right people, at the right time so people can relate to you and vice versa. You can’t judge people’s maturity levels before listening to what they have to say on something. It’s not like we have a machine/equipment to do that. But in whatever situation you’re facing, just don’t forget to be yourself because people don’t appreciate fake personalities that much. We should stop making assumptions on other people’s maturity just because they’re having the most fun time of their lives when with their friends. For fun people, they just think ‘immature’ is a word used by boring people to describe them. It’s très important for you to fit in with everyone, even with kids. I’m okay watching SpongeBob with my little cousins and on the other hand, I don’t mind spending my time just chit chatting with my grandma the whole night either. As long as we’re sincere towards them, insyaAllah they’re gonna accept us just the way we are. Making friends is easy, but keeping them needs patience and sincerity. You can’t be friends with people if they don’t know your true colours. My colleagues came in various group of age. Of course my circle of friends are like me (same age or +1) but I still have other colleagues who are older and the only way to behave is always to have some respect towards them. With that, you can always fit in with almost everyone. Be mature. Don’t take things personally all the time. InsyaAllah you’ll have more ‘friends’ than you think you have. And please think before before you speak.

Yeah the most expensive advice Audioslave can give you is BE YOURSELF.



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