Thank You 2013

31 Dec

The declining rate of my posts this year is just saddening. Nothing much could be done as I have only a few hours left to New Year. Even if I started writing 1 post per 30mins starting now, it would still be insufficient to cover the days I’ve left this page on idle. Or perhaps, dead?

The year-end review of my life has been on a constant trend I’d say. Well I guess the end of the year is the only time where I get the chance to let the krèp outta my head for the whole 360 days. And like the most of time, I’ll just come up with some positive wordings on ‘life goes on’ yada yada and how I survived quite a sucky year despite the good things that happened – on annual basis. Well I’m about to say those things again now. Above all, I thank Allah for everything.

This year, Japan happened. And Baby A arrives safely in the warmth hand of her mummy. And my best friends got married. Countless blessings from Him and again, Alhamdulillah syukur from the bottom of my heart.

Let us all be complacent about our achievements this year and strive for the better in the years to come. Happy 2014 yalls!



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