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31 Jul

Wow this page has been on its idle phase for almost a month now. I’m quite surprised I didn’t make time to write despite all the things I should express here. So basically life goes on. More friends are getting married soon. Soon = by this year. How awesome is that? I know.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been tutoring my baby cousin for her PMR prep and I really hope I can help her excel. Because truthfully, I know that she can do it, it’s just that her laziness & lack of focus beat up everything else she has. And truthfully that’s getting a bit worse day by day. Maybe she knows that I’ll never raise my voice towards her but that is never the reason for you to be rude to me. I hope she’s befriending with the right person at school. Because it’s all about your attitude. If you’re pretty, but your attitude is bad, no point. If you’re a genius, but your attitude is bad, you’re nowhere. So if you make an effort & show some good attitude, I’m pretty sure you can improve. I don’t know how a teacher can handle so many pupils when I’m trying so hard to cope with one 14 y.o. 

Anyhow, I’m gonna try my very best to help my cousin excels in her studies. Because it’s important for her future. And I want her to be good because I know she can. All this while, she’s easily distracted with technology & BOYS. Getting rid of it is an impossible thing to do but hey let’s try. That is my responsibility. Her parents trusted me so I have to make sure that everything is going to be just fine. Plus this is one of the best aunt & uncle one can ever have so you’d never want to let them down even a tiny bit. InsyaAllah. All we need are wills, hopes and mounts of prayers.

And as for me, I have to keep up with mywork as well. Thank you Allah for everything in this world. Alhamdulillah.

Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims out there!


Because you’re like our (Asmm & I) own sister 🙂