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Twenty Thirteen

8 Jan

Funny how on the last day of 2012, an email received saying how inactive I was in writing on this little column of mine this year. Don’t know whether it’s a good thing or bad. Maybe I’m too occupied with dear life I forgot that this doomed page even existed. Alhamdulillah, 2012 wasn’t a bad year at all. Despite the normality of ups and downs we’ve all encountered, it has been a very much awesome year I’d say. It’s actually true when people tell you to keep your mind away from all the negative energy you got from the pessimists, coz positivity rocks big time. You can actually focus on the brighter days more as you leave those shitheads behind. Putting aside on posting about my ny’s resolution, I think we all have those little list of ours every single year. Difference is that whether you’re istiqamah till you achieve those possible missions or simply let it go to be inserted in next year’s resolution list. Mine, I’d prefer to keep it to myself. Happy 2013 peeps! Guess I’m a bit late. Well as the same old same old saying goes, it’s better late than never. All the best to us! Cheerio! 🙂